Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 vs Watch 5: deze is het beste voor jou

Als je onze preview hebt gezien over the newly announced smartwatches van Samsung, veet je dat we niet niet weggeblazen zijn door de nieuwe Galaxy Watch 5. In dit article vergelijken we ‘m met zijn voorganger en kijken we wat een betere kueze is voor jou.

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Samsung Watch 5 vs Watch 4: the same smartwatch with different numbers

Samsung has been a big player in the smartwatch market all year and offers Android users a fine watch experience. With each new generation, the manufacturer added a major upgrade, for example Wear OS on the Watch 4 or a new sensor on the Watch 3.

Bij de Watch 5 zijn juist kleiner updates doorvoeder. Vandaar de vraag: is de Watch 5 wel de mäiet waard or kun je beter voor de Watch 4 gaan? In this comparison we come back to the answer.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pols
Galaxy Watch 5

Dit is nieuw aan de Watch 5

If you want to know what’s new about the Samsung watches, let’s look at what’s really new about the Galaxy Watch 5. The most impressive is the sapphire glass screen, but more on that later.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5
Galaxy Watch 5

In addition, the battery is larger, depending on the model you buy. In the best case, you get 13 percent more battery. Dat zal ervaar moeten zorgen dat je faagler het einde van je dag haalt.

The battery can also be charged faster than its predecessors. The new Watch 5 is in half an hour, namely bijna halfvol. Handy als je tussendoor nog even je battery wil bijladen. Daar doet de Watch 4 wat langer over.

Finally, Samsung gives the BIA sensor nog verder te befterd te hebben. With BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis) you meet the state of your health. The Watch 4 could also do that, but apparently remembers accurately. We ask ourselves how much that difference is one of that uitmaakt, because in the end Samsung warns us that the Watch 5 does not need to be used for serious diagnoses.

One up one copy

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4
Galaxy Watch 4

Laten dan we even snel the physical properties of the Watch 5 langslope. He has a round casing with a straight side. Er zitten twee knop aan de können en de siliconen bandjes zijn verwijderbaar. Now the Watch 4. It has a round casing with a straight side. Are the two knobs on the sides and the silicone bands – as you would expect – also removable.

The casing is certainly sleek and modern, but the appearance of the Watch 5 is, up to the other colors, not really changed compared to the Watch 4. Wel the back is slightly flatter and the screen is made of sapphire glass. That’s 60 percent stronger than the glass on the Watch 4. It’s cool if the sapphire glass even on the entry-level model, because that’s normally a premium option.

Update policy, the uitvoeringen en prijzen

Because the Watch 5 will be released in 2022, the watch will receive an extra year of software support compared to the Watch 4. You will receive four years of Wear OS updates and five years of security updates from Samsung. With the Watch 5, I have to wear it until 2027, with the Watch 4 until 2026. It is rather the question of whether you still use the same smartwatch around the time.

The Watch 5 comes standard in four versions. 40 millimeter standard of met LTE and the 44 millimeter standard of met LTE. All the models come in gold, gray and silver, but the 44 mm version has an exclusive blue color. The smallest model starts at 299 euros.

Meanwhile, the prices of the Watch 4 are dropping at a rapid pace. He had a suggested retail price of 269 euros, but is now available for up to half of that.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

Conclusion Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 vs Watch 4

The new Galaxy Watch 5 has a stronger screen, larger battery and a better sensor than its predecessors, but nothing has changed in terms of design and speed. The Galaxy Watch 4 has the same fast processor and runs the same software. The biggest difference is the price.

If you’re looking for a smartwatch for your Android phone, we recommend the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 van 44 mm. This has the largest battery and is about 150 euros cheaper than the entry-level model Watch 5.

If you really want the benefits of the Watch 5, then it is wise to wait even longer. If the price of the Watch 5 just dropped as fast as the 4, then it will soon be a bit cheaper.

Ga jij voor de Watch 4 or wil je toch die nieuwe 5? See below the best prices for both smartwatches.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 price comparison

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 price comparison