Samsung Galaxy S22 Series revealed, all models, all colors

Samsung is organizing an event Galaxy Unpacked Up on February 9th to launch a series of high-end mobile phones Galaxy S22 (It is expected that there will be a Galaxy Tab S8 Series to jam as well), which previously had both rendered images + various specifications have come out to a lot of them … the latest also has a picture. The device of the Galaxy S22, all 3 models have come out, revealing a complete color scheme.

The leaked images of all three Galaxy S22 models have come from major news source Evan Blass (@evleaks) who has revealed the renders, which are believed to be official press images of the series of phones. Each model has 4 colors to choose from.

Galaxy S22

For the youngest model like the Galaxy S22, there will be a total of 4 colors to choose from: pink, black, dark green and white, but there is no name for each color that will come out.

Galaxy S22+

As for the middle model, the Galaxy S22 + has a total of 4 colors and is the same color as the Galaxy S22 model: pink, black, dark green, white.

Galaxy S22 Ultra

The biggest senior Galaxy S22 Ultra, in addition to having a design that is different from the younger generation (Because it looks more like the Galaxy Note series) The device also has colors that look more taciturn and official, including black, crimson (or purple?), dark green and white. The S Pen The handle will be all black. Except for the bottom of the pen, there will be a color according to the device.

Samsung has confirmed that we will see the official launch of the Galaxy S22 Series on February 9, 2022, which is just a short time left…but who is aiming for which model? What colors are these?

Source: @evleakes (Twitter)