Sam’s Club Tampico

Sams Club Tampico Phone Numberaddress and hours

In this article you will find the telephone numbers of Sam’s Club Tampico for customer service in the main cities, as well as the addresses and hours of the Sam’s Club stores in Tampico Mexico.

You will also find the telephone number 01800 of Sam’s Club Tampico in Spanish, requirements for sam’s club membership for information on schedules, nearby stores, offices, among others.

The chain of Sam’s Club is of American origin. It is a series of wholesale stores, which it operates through customers who are members of its price club. Taking into account the aforementioned, here you will find the Sams Club customer service line.

Sam’s Club Tampico Telephone

If you wish to contact the customer service telephone number of Sam’s Club Tampico Arenal Tampico, +52 833 155 5300 If you require information about payments, concerns and other services, you can make inquiries and claims for free at this telephone number at Sam’s Club Tampico Tamaulipas.

Sam’s Club Tampico Hours: Hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Address: Av. Miguel Hidalgo 6112, Arenal, 89344 Tampico, Tamps., Mexico

Sams Club Tampico Billing

To carry out electronic invoicing, enter the following link where the steps to follow will be indicated and where you can carry out the Online invoice for tickets from Walmart, Bodega Aurrerá, Suburbia and all the brands of the Walmart group.

Sam’s Club Tampico Membership

At Sam’s Club you can save money buying products in bulk, with Sam’s Club membership you can be part of the largest price Club, you will have access to thousands of exclusive products, receive information about benefits and existing promotions in the Clubs.

There are 4 types of memberships at Sam’s Club

There are four types of Sam’s Club memberships, which are individual and business memberships that help you shop inside the store; and two others with which you will obtain greater benefits, the Benefits and Plus memberships.

Business Membership:

It gives you savings to increase the profits on your investment, it has a personalized attention center and its cost is $500.

Single Membership:

It is made for families who want to include larger volume products on their shelves, offering greater savings on their purchases, its cost is $500.

Membership Benefits:

With this membership you get to save with the exclusive prices that are in all the Clubs. Also, it has benefits in multiple establishments and affiliated businesses, such as cinemas, schools, travel packages, restaurants, as well as access to the promotions offered by Sam’s Club Viajes. you will have one Sam’s Benefits exclusive app that you can download to have immediate access to personalized content and unique information on discounts and promotions, the cost of this Membership is $650.

PLUS Membership:

It offers a plus to its Members, since in addition to the promotions included in the Benefits Membership, it offers a 2% refund on your purchases, exclusive events and savings of up to 6% on travel packages, this membership has a cost of $1,100.

To obtain, renew or upgrade your membership, you can go to your favorite club and go to the membership counter or visit the online store.

Website and social networks

Finally, the customer service operators are also available every day, to attend to all your requirements and concerns. For this reason, in order to obtain information about Sam’s Club and the other services it offers, you can access:

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