Safari no longer responds and frozen, multiple tips

Most Mac users appreciate the Safari browser in macOS. Safari is included on all devices offered by Apple. Safari is also available for Microsoft Windows. Because Safari is a Mac or Apple device by default, users do not need to search for another browser.

Safari initially opens all open websites. This is useful for reading where you were during your previous Safari visit.

However, some websites are poorly programmed or contain old plugins that de Safari browser get stuck. If there is a stuck website in between then Safari will open it again when you restart Safari. As a result, Safari remains stuck, and therefore unresponsive. The latest version of Safari includes protection against such websites with Safe-boot protection and a built-in pop-up blocker.

Safari no longer responds and frozen, multiple tips

Restart Safari

The most obvious solution is to restart software or hardware. Start by closing the Safari tabs, if possible, close and restart the whole thing web browser.

If your Safari does not respond to actions, perform the forced exit menu using the cmd⌘ + Option (ALT) + ESC hotkey. A pop-up menu will now appear.

forceer stop safari mac

Click Force Stop and restart the Safari browser. If the issue is not resolved, close the Safari browser again, and start Safari with the SHIFT button pressed. It is advisable to wait a minute before restarting Safari.

Close Safari processes

Sometimes shutting down Safari is not enough to solve the problem, or even impossible because important information is displayed in the browser you want to keep. If you want to try to keep this information, you can take the following steps.

Launch Activity View on the Mac. Here you can identify processes that are colored red. You can stop these processes with the X icon in the upper left half of the Activity View.

See my example. Note: This is an example, the activity view on your Mac is different!

stop safari processes with activity view

The point is, you’re closing the Safari border processes, not the Safari process itself. This increases the chance that the information you have on the screen is not gone. Browser extensions or Safari plug-ins are the most common “unresponsive” processes on a Mac regarding Safari. Carefully close all edge processes until the problem is resolved.

Clear Safari cache and browser history

Anyone who has ever had a problem with a stuck browser will know the cache and browser history delete to keep old files do not stand in the way of a new process. It is advisable to clear the Safari cache and history to avoid any issues. Please note that deleting Safari cache, browser history and cookies will prevent you from automatically logging in to certain websites. Passwords and other login details must be entered again.

Go to Safari in the menu, click on Clear History.

clear safari cache and browser history

Select “Entire History” from the list next to Delete, then click “Delete History”.

clear safari history

Now restart the Safari browser to see if the issue is resolved.

Disable Safari browser extensions

Some Safari browser extensions are useful and can make Safari a lot more attractive. Of course, it’s a big problem that many of the Safari extensions are poorly developed and will not be updated for the latest version of Safari.

The out-of-date extensions can cause a lot of problems in the browser, such as freezing Safari. It is well known that the Adobe Flash Player has caused a lot of problems in multiple browsers, both in terms of browser security and with the browser performance that deteriorated drastically.

That’s why it’s important to safari browser to check for extensions which are old or no longer used. Click Safari in the menu, select Preferences. Click on the Extensions tab and check the extensions. If you want to remove an extension, first click on the extension and then on the Remove installation button.

remove extension from safari mac

Make sure you are using the latest version of Safari

Of course, it is always important to use the latest version of each software application. The same goes for Safari. Go to the Mac App Store and check for new Mac OS updates. When you receive the latest updates from Apple, you automatically use the latest version of Safari. This can solve a lot of problems.

Accelerate and clean up Mac

There’s good software available for your Mac to keep tidy. In the following instructions on how to clean your Mac you will find various software that make your Mac faster, cleaner and perform maintenance tasks by default.

It always keeps your Mac performing optimally, and you do not have to perform complicated processes. Save yourself time, Mac computers deserve the best. Success!