Safari browser (macOS) is using too much RAM

If your Mac is unbearably slow and Safari is almost unusable, you may be experiencing a memory issue in Safari. A message will then appear “This web page uses a lot of memory”.

If you suspect that Safari is using too much memory on your Mac, read this article to see what you can do to resolve this issue.

Your Mac should be able to make the best use of its available memory, or RAM. This means that a high memory load is not a problem until it reaches a critical point and you start to hear fans and suffer from overheating.

First, open this page in a browser other than Safari. You can Google Chrome of Firefox use. You can also access this page on another device such as a mobile phone or tablet. You need to quit Safari.

Open Finder. At the top of the macOS (Finder) menu, click “Go” next to the Apple logo. You will find “Go” in the menu bar.

Go to folder with finder

Click on “Go to folder”. Then enter: “~ / Library / Safari” without quotes.

Open Safari Library

Select all files starting with “History”. For example History.db, but there are more.

Drag these files to the Desktop. The location is not specific, you can choose a location of your choice.

Remove history files from folder

Restart Safari. Use the activity view to see how much RAM Safari is currently using.

In the next step, we will remove incorrect Safari files to prevent the memory message in Safari.

Download CleanMyMac to your Mac computer.

Click Optimization on the left side of the menu. Then click on Trapped Apps and on Large Consumers. If there are any issues then you can repair these apps.

CleanMyMac optimization

Then click on Privacy. Launching the Safari browser privacy module will remove Safari issue files. Click Scan.

Privacy module cleanmymac

Click Safari, select all the components on the right, and click Remove.

delete tracks safari browser

The erroneous safari file cleanup is complete. You can see in an overview the number of tracks that have been deleted.

safari memory problem solved

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I hope I helped you with this. Thanks for reading!