RTL XL and Chromecast: literally everything you need to know

RTL XL and Chromecast can be used together. You have to meet a number of requirements for this, but fortunately it is not all that difficult. In this article we explain what you need to know and what you need to do, so that you can watch movies and series on your television in no time.

Want to use RTL XL and Chromecast together? Fortunately, the RTL XL app for both Android and iOS supports streaming to a Chromecast. You do this by starting the desired stream and selecting the Chromecast icon. If the Chromecast is not visible in the RTL XL app, we have a number of solutions in that article.

RTL XL: what can you do with it?

RTL XL is an online video service where you can watch all fragments and episodes for free within seven days after a TV broadcast. If you want to see something that has been broadcast much longer or has yet to be broadcast, then you have to rely on the video streaming service Video country.

If you encounter unsolvable problems with regard to RTL XL on your smartphone, we would like to inform you that you can also download the app directly on your TV. Then you should have this:

  • Samsung Tizen 2015 and up
  • LG WebOS 2015 and above
  • Android TV: Philips 2015 and above

For all other people – or people who can’t get the app to work on a smart TV – they can use the Google Chromecast. Otherwise, you can of course use a television or media player with Chromecast already installed.

Of course it is also possible to stream live TV from RTL to the Chromecast with, for example, KPN iTV and Ziggo Go.

RTL XL and Chromecast
Image: RTL XL (Google Play Store)

RTL XL and Chromecast: what do you need?

To use RTL XL and Chromecast together, you must have a smartphone or tablet on which the app is installed. Here you will find the version for Android and here you will find the version for iOS. Install the app and follow all instructions that appear on the screen to get started.

Of course you also need a Chromecast. You are supposed to connect the Chromecast to the same WiFi network as the smartphone or tablet that contains the RTL XL app. If you don’t, the devices will not be able to find each other or communicate with each other.

If you haven’t installed the Chromecast yet, no problem. Here you can read in detail how to do this, but we also have a short summary. Power the Chromecast and plug the HDMI cable into the wall socket. Switch to the correct channel on your TV and follow the steps on the screen. Another tip: download the Google Home app on your smartphone or tablet.

Chromecast V3
Chromecast with Google TV

RTL XL and Chromecast: streaming content

Once you have everything installed and both the Chromecast and the smart device are on the same network, you can start casting right away. All you have to do is press the Chromecast button. You will find this button in the top right corner of the app’s menu.

When you press the button, a list of Chromecast devices will appear. These can be individual Chromecast models, but also televisions or media players with Chromecast built-in. So select the correct model (for example the Chromecast you just installed).

Step by step it looks like this:

Step-by-step plan to start RTL XL on the Chromecast and stream it to the big screen.

Install, update and open the RTL XL app

Install or open the RTL XL app (iOS and Android) and make sure it is fully updated

Navigate the app to the right content

Select the content you would like to watch

Start the stream in the RTL XL app

Start the stream and then look for the Chromecast icon in the screen.

Press this icon and select the Chromecast

Press this icon and then select the correct Chromecast to stream to

You can also stream the content from a browser. To do this, go to the RTL XL website. Choose the content you want to view. Please note that you must log in with an RTL XL account. After selecting the content, press the Cast icon in the screen again.

Now select the content you want to view. The app automatically forwards that content to your TV. Please note that you must first watch an ad on the mobile device. Only then will the content be forwarded to the television and you can watch what you want for free.

Chromecast not working
Via: Chrome fans

RTL XL and Chromecast: Solving Possible Problems

You can run into problems while using RTL XL and Chromecast. Consider the availability of certain programs abroad. Not all content can be viewed abroad, because RTL then does not hold the broadcasting rights for that country.

In addition, there may be connection problems. Can both devices not find each other? Then restart them or change the Wi-Fi network of the Chromecast. Does it still not work? Then you can read all the solutions regarding finding your Chromecast here.

If you’re streaming from your PC, it’s a good idea to use a browser that features Google’s Cast technology, such as Google Chrome. Download the most recent version of that browser from Google’s website to make sure you’re completely up to date.