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Call the Ross Dress for less telephone number or toll-free service line (01800), for online purchases, contact stores for online orders, information about their departments, furniture, household items, clothing, casual dresses, party dresses , shoes, among others.

Ross Dress for Less, also has other channels in case you cannot communicate on the customer service line, below are the links to social networks and the Ross Store Dress for less website.

Ross Dress for Less is an American off-price department store chain based in Dublin, California, that It officially operates under the brand name, Ross Dress for Less. It is the largest retail retailer in the US. As of August 2015, Ross operates 1,412 stores in 37 US states. USA The District of Columbia and Guam.

USA customer service phone

Find here the telephone number to contact the Ross dress for less stores in the United States 925-965-4400. Below you can also find the phones by state and city. Also, you can find information about catalogs, shoes and blouses.

Florida (407) 649-8834

Texas:+1 915-779-3036

CA:(213) 243-5744

New Jersey +1 609-520-8878


Tennessee: (901) 683-5095

Nevada :702-386-0376



Customer service operators are also available every day to address all your requirements and concerns, to obtain information about Ross Dress for less, you can access: