Root Explorer v4.1.6 APK Free Download Root Explorer v4.1.6 APK For Android

Root Explorer APK- Download Root Explorer Android APK v4.1.6: Root Explorer is the ultimate file manager for root users. We can access the whole of android’s file system using Root Explorer by Download Root Explorer v4.1.6 Android APK. Features include multiple tabs in the program. At the same time, the program has run in association with the archiving process, extraction process. Extracting the files in Root Explorer v4.1.6 is possible. More than 22 000 people use this program as the paid game application stores “Apkxmod.Co I” can be downloaded free of cost. Check more details about Root Explorer v4.1.6 APK in the below sections.

What is Root Explorer?

It is a tool where the bulk users are choosing to get the required information from various sites instantly. Mostly all types of devices like Huawei, Samsung, LG, and moto will support the application with fast accessibility. All these are kindle type android devices which are used by many people nowadays. This is a recently upgraded version which is an advanced stage for the previous version. This is very easy to get installed onto your devices by using an internet connection. In the presence of less crowd and huge speed, the users are allowed to get it very fast. especially Blackberry and Android devices take less time to download and others may take some more extra time due to their operating system presence.

Before proceeding to download, users need to read the permit terms and conditions in order to make the functionality properly.

Root Explorer can access each and every file in the OS. It has a lot of tabs to access the files. You can enjoy each feature if you download the Root Explorer v4.1.6 on your android device. Interested people can get the downloading link below.

Download Root Explorer v4.1.6 Android APK

Root Explorer v4.1.6 is the best and advanced file manager application designed for all Android devices. So if you are not happy with the Root Explorer app just email us within 24 hours and you can have a refund. When you email us you should mention your order number, which you can find on the emails sent to you by Google when you downloaded.

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People who want to download Root Explorer v4.1.6 Android APK can check the new permissions/ highlights in the Root Explorer v4.1.6. Users can get the steps to Download Root Explorer proAPK For Android in the below sections.

New Permissions  in Root Explorer v4.1.6

  • Complete network access – People required for network and cloud access. No information is passed to us over the internet.
  • Add or transfer accounts – Used by the Google Drive SDK to add a new account if desired. No changes are made to existing accounts and no details accessed apart from the account name.
  • Find accounts on the device – Used to list available accounts for logging into Google Drive.
  • Prevent from sleeping – Used to stop the device sleeping during long operations so they are not interrupted.
  • Removes unwanted APKs – This will help you to remove the files that are not used or useful for you and your device.
  • Can Open Multiple Tabs – We can open multiple tabs at a time with the help of this root explorer.
  • You can create shortcuts to open any application in the OS or on your device. It saves a lot of time of yours.
  • It allows you to work with Dropbox and Google Drive.

Steps Must Be Followed Before Downloading Root Explorer APK-

  • The users are going to choose the All in One APK downloader at first and then proceed to step two.
  • There is a direct link for Root explorer v 4.1.6 will obtain.
  • APK should be set properly and the trademark to be developed with the patched version.
  • Root explorer APK is an alternate for file manager tools in the system.
  • Make sure with the features of Root Explorer before download.

Steps to Download Root Explorer APK v4.1.6 For Android

  • Firstly, download the Root Explorer APK v4.1.6 from the official link.
  • Wait until the APK file is downloaded on your device.
  • After the successful downloading, Go to the location where the apk is present.
  • Open the apk file and click on install button.
  • Maybe the installation takes some time.
  • After the installation process is complete, you find the logo of this app on your device.
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How to Install and Run Root Explorer?

After downloading the application, users need to get into the installation steps. Once the downloading was done, the automatic step will be taken as Installation.

  • Installation session will take a few minutes of time like downloading.
  • Once the installation was finished completely, go with the location of the file.
  • Choose the file where it was located and make the right click on it.
  • Then Click on Extract the file.
  • Now, the file will extract and then the application is permitted to run from now onwards.
  • Let is go with the application icon on the screen of the device.
  • Make a double click on it and wait for a while.
  • The watch the options and specific menu bar appeared on the home page.
  • Now have the perfect awareness about all tools and options listed on the home page and proceed further to have the useful tasks.

At the first time of using the application, people may get trouble and also they may get lots of doubts. Please go through our page instantly and make sure every point about Root Explorer.

System Requirements:

To have the application on to your device, there are some essential points needed to be a part of the device to access the application. So those who are desired to download Root Explorer APK v 4.1.6, can stay tune with the following steps and follow them.

  • The device needs the Rot explorer size as 3.32 MB Patched.
  • The minimum OS version should be Android 2.3 to access the download and the best level is Android 6.0.
  • Root Patched apk Explorer can be small, normal, large and extra large screens.
  • Huge languages are accomplished with the application.
  • The system must have external storage.
  • Systems must be acceptable for network sockets.
  • Access the power manager to keep the processor to be run and dimming.
  • There is a need for a wi-fi network to access.
  • A system should access the information through the connected internet.

Applications of Root Explorer:

  • Google Drive.
  • Text editor.
  • Multiple tabs.
  • SMB network support.
  • SQ Lite database viewer.
  • Extract Zip file.
  • Extract rar archives.
  • Execute scripts.
  • Search and select.
  • Permissions and bookmarks.
  • Image thumbnails, MD5 and create shortcuts.
  • APK Binary XML viewer and SQ lite.

What is New in Root Explorer?

  • There is a new option updated which can enable and disable as a default setting.
  • It can automatically show the status of connectivity of USB device.
  • Reboot option is suggesting for every new session of users.
  • Any harm causes actions will get glitch by the devices through the Root Explorer.
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There is an upgraded and perfectly made patched license was available along with the downloaded application.


Refund Policy in Root Explorer

Still, the policy refund is offered in Root explorer where the accessibility was available for 24 hours from the initiation of application usage. So users are not required to worry. There is a revert option for downloaded apps also. Once the users are not having the desire to use it, then just make the description of the reason why they are not acceptable for a long time and send the email. Also, the users are needed to have order number once the mail has been sent to the specified address.

Features of Root Explorer APK:

1.Fast Network Access:

There is a fast and speed cloud accessibility which can inform the users to load fastly about the searching points.

  1. Add or eliminate the user accounts:

There are no changes happens once the existing user’s account was removed. Once the users want to delete the account, just access with the section where the account elimination was there. Then there is an existing account name for every user for a lifetime. Whenever the users again want to install the application, then they can go for download as usually done for the first time.

  1. Pick the Accounts on System:

This is frequently used by Google drive SDK which is allowed to create a new existing user or new account.

  1. Protect from Sleep more:

If the users want to stop using the app from the system or device then they can turn the status to sleeping mode during the long-term operation. So the users can interrupt easily.


Root Explorer v 4.1.6 APK free download version is suitable for various devices and not only fixed with one specific version. And it is also having the accessibility of overall different tasks and tools. Users can allow various needs with one and the only source is Root Explorer. Most of the experienced persons are recommending the people to use such applications for better output. Shortly we can explore it as a file manager for root users.

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