REVIEW | Review of realme GT NEO 3, beautiful design, strong specs, ready to explode as a gamer with GT Mode

Today’s flagship phones are only more expensive, reaching 30,000 – 40,000 baht, but seriously, newer smartphones It provides a complete specification of the device. without having to pay that much realme GT NEO 3 which packed the specification into a tight fit, got a flagship feel for a price of only 18,999 baht

Powerful 3D gaming machine, adjustable, smooth, smooth.


  • 6.7-inch AMOLED screen, resolution FHD +, refresh rate 120Hz
  • CPU: Dimensity 8100
  • RAM: 8GB, supports RAM Expansion up to 5GB
  • Capacity: 256GB
  • 3 rear cameras
    – Main camera IMX766, resolution 50MP, OIS image stabilization
    – 8MP Ultrawide Camera
    – 2MP macro camera
  • Front camera: 16MP
  • Connectivity: 5G, dual 4G LTE, Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth 5.2, NFC
  • Sound system: stereo speakers, Dolby Atmos
  • Battery: 5000 mAh, supports 80W fast charging
  • Android 12 system covered with realme UI

realme GT NEO 3 come with chips Dimensity 8100 In terms of performance, it is comparable to Snapdragon 888, with 8GB of RAM, supports up to 5GB of RAM Expansion (how to open it, go to Settings and search for RAM Expansion)

and turn on GT Mode to increase efficiency as well It makes this mobile phone able to play brutal graphics games smoothly. (How to open it in Settings and then Search GT mode or open it while playing the game by dragging your finger from the left edge of the screen)

Test playing games with organized 3D graphics. Apex Legend Can be adjusted at High and play smoothly at 60fps

Both MOBA games ROV and Wild Rift This is no worries. Adjust to the max. Frame rate is 58 – 60fps.

Genshin Impact Default graphics can be adjusted without interruption. And if the frame rate is adjusted to 60fps, it can be played comfortably. There will be a slight twitching sometimes. which from the actual play is not considered disturbing in any way

Turn on GT mode to increase strength.

The FPS can be adjusted to 60.

playing slippery Once in a while

AMOLED screen, smooth refresh rate

screen of realme GT NEO 3 It uses a 6.7-inch AMOLED panel with FHD+ resolution that delivers bright and colorful colors. Therefore, outdoor use is not a problem at all. It also comes with a 120Hz high refresh rate, will plow Feed, will play the Internet smoothly and comfortably. and also embedded a finger scan sensor under the screen as well

For the refresh rate can be adjusted in 3 types, namely 60Hz, 120Hz and Auto, which will automatically adjust for use.

Support Widevine L1, you can watch Netflix in HD, no problem.

Dual speakers, tight sound

In addition to the screen is beautiful and bright. The sound system is also good. Because it comes with stereo speakers on the top – bottom with Dolby Atmos system (only open when using headphones), which from the test, turn on the sound to the end, it was found that the sound sounded clear. But the sound may be a little blurry, so it is recommended to turn on the volume, 80-90% is enough to preserve the speaker

50MP camera with OIS image stabilization

There are 3 rear cameras, consisting of the main camera with a resolution of IMX766 sensor. 50MP with OIS anti-shake + Ultrawide resolution camera 8MP + Resolution Macro Camera 2MP which provides quite good quality for a mobile phone of this level both shooting in normal light conditions Shoot in low light conditions, both AI mode and Night mode, while the Ultrawide camera has a weak point where the color will be dark. And when shooting in low light conditions, there is a lack of sharpness and quite a lot of detail is lost. It turns out to be jelly as well.

The 16MP selfie camera has a lot of beauty modes to adjust… including skin tone, brightness, chin adjustment, nose correction, etc.

The video cable should be pleasant because the OIS stabilization system is included. By shooting at 1080p resolution, it is considered smooth, both the main camera and the ultrawide camera. For the highest video recording, it can be done at 4K, which the stabilization system can still be used, but It will not be as stable as 1080p. The refresh rate is unfortunately not available to adjust.

The battery lasts, plus it charges (extremely) fast, 80W.

The battery of realme GT NEO 3 is fully supplied to 5000 mAh, which from actual daily use uses 5G internet some time outside. When in the office or at home, use WiFi, surf the Internet, watch some YouTube clips, play games for about 15 minutes, take videos, take a few photos, chat on Messenger all day, come home late at night, the battery is over 40%. If you don’t play games or watch many long clips, it’s probably more than 50%. It’s enough to drag on for another day.

Heavy testing by watching YouTube videos in FHD resolution via WiFi, adjusting the screen brightness to 60%, sound from the speaker 60% for 8 hours, found that the battery remains 46%…that is, watching the series at the end of the season. I’m comfortable.

As for charging, this is said to be super fast because it supports up to 80W and also has an 80W charger included in the box. It takes only about 30 minutes to charge from 5% – 100%.

Racing Stripe Design

realme GT NEO 3 There is a matte surface on the back of the machine. so that there are no fingerprints when handling The one that we received is white with a racing stripe in black like a racing car across the left side. (If it’s a blue machine, there will be a white Racing Stripe)

3 rear cameras arranged in a triangular shape, with the largest main camera at the top and a flash in the middle It rests on a rectangular module that is slightly raised from the body.

The device has dimensions of 163.3 x 75.6 x 8.2 mm and weighs only 188 grams. Compared to other mobile phones with 5000 mAh batteries, most of them weigh 200+ grams. This model has made the weight out. come well



  • Beautiful AMOLED screen against the sun, high refresh rate 120Hz
  • The current power specification can play all games smoothly.
  • Big capacity 256GB
  • Good quality camera for this mobile phone with OIS anti-shake.
  • The main camera takes pretty good low-light shots and focuses quickly.
  • Long battery life
  • 80W super fast charging
  • not too much weight
  • The stereo speakers sound loud and clear.


  • If the price was a little lighter, it would be great.
  • The ultrawide camera is darker than the main camera. It’s not that good to shoot in low light.
  • Can’t shoot video, adjust frame rate

realme GT NEO 3 It is a mobile phone that feels good to use. Meet all needs, including AMOLED screens, high refresh rates, powerful specifications, comfortable games, good camera + video recording, plus OIS anti-shake, and finally, the battery is durable with 80W fast charging at some flagship models. Do not dare to come together, it is considered an interesting model.