Revealing the design of the Lenovo Legion Y90, a new gaming mobile phone Expected to launch with Legion Y700 tablet soon

From December last year until January this year. There is news about the Legion Y700, a new gaming tablet from Lenovo. Whether it’s a poster that reveals the approximate specs or a real picture of the device being compared to the iPad Mini 6, it looks like Lenovo isn’t preparing to launch just a gaming tablet. Because the latest has a video clip revealed.A new mobile gaming series like the Lenovo Legion Y90 has also emerged.

Previously, a gaming mobile phone from the Lenovo camp used the series name Legion Phone Duel, which was launched and released in 2 models, Legion Phone Duel and Legion Phone Duel 2, but for new mobile gaming phones with video clips Revealed this time called Legion Y90, which is not yet known whether it will replace the Legion Phone Duel series or will be separated into a secondary series that has been cut off some features.

From the clip, you can see the design of this mobile phone in full, that it will still have a look designed for gamers in particular. With the back of the machine with a module in the middle of the machine slightly convex There is a ventilation fan, 2 rear cameras and RGB lights as the logo of the Legion series, similar to those used in the Legion Phone Duel.

but this time The Legion Y90 doesn’t come with a horizontal pop-up selfie camera.That is unique to the Legion Phone Duel, because the selfie camera of this mobile phone is on the top left screen like a normal mobile phone.

The part on the left-right edge of the machine Although not clearly shown, but it is expected that there will be a touch LR button as usual. (Otherwise, losing all the gaming mobile names) and the general specification of Legion Y90, of course, it must come with a powerful chip like Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 … Other specifications have not yet been revealed in the episode. this

Both Lenovo Legion Y700 gaming tablet and Legion Y90 gaming mobile phone contain information, poster images, official video clips. being gradually released like this, it is expected that we will soon see the launch

Sources: Notebookcheck, Sparrownews (YouTube)