Restore Internet Explorer to default values

Restore Internet Explorer to default values. Restoring Internet Explorer to defaults is relatively easy.

Resetting Internet Explorer can resolve a number of issues that occur in the Internet Explorer browser. These can include issues such as a homepage or tab that opens in your Internet Explorer while you are not setting it up.

A toolbar with ads that significantly slow down the browser, or annoying pop-ups with ads that regularly fill your screen completely without any reason.

It can end up being so tedious or such a complicated chore that you choose to repair Internet Explorer and start with a clean slate.

However, if you choose to recover Internet Explorer, all of your settings will be lost if you choose to do so. This also includes your favorites, cookies, saved passwords and history.

  • To restore Internet Explorer to default values, open Internet Explorer
  • Click on it at the top right of Internet Explorer gear icon
  • Then click through Internet Options

Restore Internet Explorer

  • Click through on tab Advanced
  • Click the button Reset…

Restore Internet Explorer

Note: after this you will actually completely recover Internet Explorer.
Toolbars and plug-ins are disabled, Privacy and security settings are adjusted to default values, popup settings such as ad blockers are disabled and removed.

If you choose the option Personal settings delete, the homepage, search engine, history, cookies, auto-fill form, saved passwords and active-x elements are also deleted.

  • If you fully agree and understand the risks, click on Reset

Restore Internet Explorer

  • Confirm the recovery by Close to click

Restore Internet Explorer

  • You will now need to restart Internet Explorer to complete the Internet Explorer recovery process.

Restore Internet Explorer

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