Reset Internet settings on Mac? This is how!

Macs are one of the most trusted devices for personal computer use. But with features like Private Relay in macOS Monterey and an increased reliability of one VPN, you may need to tamper with the network settings on your Mac. As a result, your Mac may not be (any more) connected to the Internet, or you may be experiencing slow Internet speeds.

A network reset can then be the solution. You should only reset the Internet settings on the Mac when there are other basic methods for problem solving, such as disabling / disabling Wi-Fi, restarting the Mac, or changing the DNS, do not work.

Internet reset on Mac

The easiest way to reset network settings, for Wi-Fi or Ethernet, is through System Preferences.

Before using this method, keep in mind that it will erase the Wi-Fi information of your Mac. So make sure you keep your Wi-Fi password handy if you happen to have no other Apple device, in which case it will sync automatically via iCloud and reconnect.

Click on the Apple icon in the upper left corner. Click System Preferences in the menu. Click Network.

Network settings mac

Click Ethernet if you are connected via the Internet cable, or click Wifi if you are wirelessly connected to a router to the Internet. Then click on the “-” sign at the bottom. You are now deleting the current network / internet settings for that interface.

Reset wifi settings mac

Then click on the “+” sign at the bottom. Select the desired interface, name the interface and click Create. You have now created a new internet setting. All previous internet settings have been cleared.

Create new wifi on mac

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