Remove Google Chrome extensions? This is how!

How to remove an extension from Google Chrome, this question I have often had with customers. Removing an extension from Google Chrome is easy. No technical knowledge is required.

In the Google Chrome store, you can choose from many extensions that can make using the web a lot more fun and easier. The issue with extensions may be that they cause a lot of ads in the Google Chrome browser, or the extension (s) slow down Chrome at startup.

It is therefore advisable to take a look at the removable Google Chrome extensions installed on your computer to see if there is an extension in between that can be removed. This can significantly enhance the online experience with the Google Chrome browser. The fewer extensions available in Chrome, the better and faster Chrome will work.

To view or remove Google Chrome extensions, follow these steps.

Open the Google Chrome browser. Click on the top right of the 3 points to open the Google Chrome menu. Click through Settings in the Chrome menu.

google chrome menu

Click on Google Chrome on the left side Extensions.

Tip: You can also go directly to the Google Chrome extensions by: chrome: // extensions in the Google Chrome address bar.

google chrome extensions

Select the extension you want to remove from the Google Chrome extensions and click on it Trash can icon next to the extension. Confirm whether you really want to remove the extension.

remove google chrome extension

Can’t uninstall the Google Chrome extension because your extension is managed by your administrator or organization?

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