Remove Bing from Internet Explorer (Restore Homepage)

You want a different search engine or homepage. Most likely, Microsoft Bing is now set as the default search engine and or as the homepage.

It’s relatively easy to convert BING to another search engine or homepage. Of course, Microsoft prefers to keep using BING, but we Europeans are more interested in Google.

Personally, I also find Google easy to use and it looks simpler than BING’s busy homepage, but that’s fine.

NoteIf you’re still using Internet Explorer, I recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox. Internet Explorer is no longer supported by Microsoft!

Remove Bing and set Google as the default search engine

To set Google as your default search engine and remove BING, visit the following website:

Select there Google from the list and click on “Add to Internet Explorer

Remove Bing Internet Explorer

When asked if you want to set Google’s search engine as the default search engine. Click on Add.

Add Google Search Engine to Internet Explorer

Google is now Your default search engine, but not yet Your default homepage. Go to it gear icon top right in Internet Explorer. Select Internet options from the menu.

set google-as-default-homepage-and-bing-delete

Go to tab General. At Home, enter your desired search engine – for example. Confirm with OK.

Delete homepage-by-google-and-bing

As a final step, we’ll remove Bing from the Internet Explorer search bar and replace it with Google.

Click the arrow icon at Step 1 according to the image below. Click the Google Icon Step 2. In the Internet Explorer search bar.

remove search engine bing from internet explorer

You have now successfully removed Bing from Internet Explorer.

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