Reasons why you should install Windows on your Mac

Although Mac hardware was built to fit perfectly with macOS, it’s not the only operating system that can run on Macs.

No matter what your reasons are, plenty of other operating systems, including Windows and many Linux distributions, you can simply run on your Mac. This makes the Mac one of the most versatile computers you can buy.

macOS on a Mac is powerful, reliable, and easy to use. It comes with access to powerful free apps, such as GarageBand and iMovie, and works seamlessly with other Apple devices. But still many people also choose to install Windows on their Mac.

Reasons why you should install Windows on your Mac - Mac Windows

In fact, so many people use Windows on their Macs, which has led to Apple creating a dedicated tool to help them do just that: Boot Camp. This tool allows you to partition your Mac so you can dual boot both Windows and macOS.

Here are all the reasons why you might want to install Windows on your Mac.

1. Windows has more games with better performance

Reasons why you should install Windows on your Mac - Mac Windows

You don’t need to dig around to find people who can confirm the advantages that PC games offer over consoles like Xbox or PlayStation. With a PC, you’ll get better graphics, higher frame rates, less lag, and a greater selection of games and custom mods.

But most of these advantages for PC only apply to games on Windows, not macOS.

Although you can still download Steam to shop for new games, there is only a very small portion of what is actually available on your Mac. The Mac game market is so small that most developers don’t bother creating game versions for macOS. This leaves Windows gamers with a richer selection of options.

As for the games that run on your Mac, you will often find that they do not run as smoothly as they do on Windows. In fact, if you install Windows on your Mac to run the game itself without changing any internal component, you will likely experience a performance improvement.

This is partly because of the limitations of macOS and partly because most developers design their PC games with Windows in mind.

If you plan to play games on your Mac, you should consider installing Windows first.

2. Some apps don’t work in macOS

Reasons why you should install Windows on your Mac - Mac Windows

PC games aren’t the only genres that love Windows. Lots of engineers, researchers, architects, and other professionals in a field find it related to Windows because there is a specific application they need in their industry that is not compatible with macOS.

This is likely to become less of an issue given the increasing popularity of Macs in the past few years.

With every passing year, Macs are getting a larger share of the PC market worldwide. This gradually encourages more developers to make their apps compatible with macOS. But even though some popular apps already work on both platforms – like Microsoft Word or Adobe Photoshop – there are still plenty of options that only work in Windows.

Fortunately, there are a few ways to install Windows on a Mac that allow you to run any application you want. If performance is your top priority, you should use Boot Camp to dual boot your computer. Otherwise, it is appropriate to install a virtual machine.

The virtual machine runs Windows within macOS; It usually appears in a floating window like any other application. This puts more stress on your computer because it needs two operating systems to run simultaneously, but it also allows you to use Windows and macOS apps at the same time.

3. Developers need to test projects in Windows

Reasons why you should install Windows on your Mac - Mac Windows

Developing software, applications, and websites is hard work. One of the most important, frustrating and time consuming aspects is testing your project to find bugs or other issues that need to be fixed.

If you want the app to work well in macOS and Windows, you need to spend some time testing it on both operating systems. Sometimes, the application in one operating system works flawlessly while it does not work in the other operating system. If you don’t spend enough time testing it, you won’t find out until you publish it to the public.

The easiest way to do this — if you don’t own separate Windows and macOS computers — is to install Windows on your Mac. This allows you to use a single computer to test your projects in any operating system you need.

There’s no reason to stop at Windows either. If you want to develop an application for all operating systems, you can install Linux on your Mac as well.

The same goes for web developers. If you want to make sure that your site works in every popular browser, you need to test it in Microsoft Edge and Apple Safari as well as cross-platform apps. This means that you need to have access to Windows and macOS.

4. Macs are some of the best Windows PCs

Reasons why you should install Windows on your Mac - Mac Windows

macOS devices are slim, lightweight, and long-lasting. They feature high-resolution screens and impressive speakers. Apple has made a few mistakes in the Mac department in the past, but for the most part the computers have been incredibly well-made.

In fact, Macs often rank as the best computers on the market. Even if you are a Windows user, Macs can be hard to beat.

Moreover, Apple offers world-class customer service and supports your decision to install Windows on your Mac. Apple can’t troubleshoot Windows problems themselves, but they certainly help you install the operating system in the first place.

By choosing to run Windows on your Mac, you can still switch to macOS if you need to. To get the same versatility on a Windows laptop, you need to consider creating a Hackintosh. This often means replacing certain components, which will be troublesome and expensive.

One of the main reasons so many people run Windows on their Mac is because it is their choice of operating system, with the best components available.

Have you been convinced yet? Find out how to install Windows

Reasons why you should install Windows on your Mac - Mac Windows

Installing Windows on your Mac makes it better for gaming, lets you install any app you need to use, helps you develop stable apps across platforms, and gives you a choice of operating systems.

Even if you only use Windows once in 4 years, it won’t cost you anything to install and can save you a big headache if you need it in the future. We’ve shown how to install Windows using Boot Camp, which is actually a tool built into your Mac. This is the best way to install Windows if you need it to run as smoothly as possible.

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