Razer Gets Exposed… RGB Mask Not Real N95 Standard As Advertised

Razer has made the Zephyr RGB dust mask for sale with an eye-catching design. Assembling the price that is not very high, making it sell like hot cakes until the Zephyr Pro is an upgraded version after coming out, but both of these masks have become a hot topic when there is a number of YouTube released. come to reveal that The mask itself does not meet the N95 standard as advertised. until the company had to edit and delete the messages used to promote in various channels

Naomi Wu states that while Razer’s Zephyr actually uses an N95 filter, that’s not a guarantee of the N95 standard issued by the US Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. or known to many as NIOSH because in the correct test need to do with “The whole mask” is not just a filter material. When the standard is passed, there will be a license number as well. Of course, both Zephyr and Zephyr Pro do not have a license from any relevant authorities, which can be checked from the web page.

Discussion also added that It’s not a good enough responsibility to just delete or edit marketing messages. Razer has already misunderstood the Zephyr as an N95 mask. And there are many people who bought it because they believed in this claim while the COVID-19 outbreak was still going on, but the masks didn’t have anti-viral properties.

Naomi Wu also called on Razer to charge back the product. and explain to the public honestly Until a new design that is N95 certified as properly as it should be.

After the foreign media brought together fanfare. There are some customers who have already bought Zephyr filed a request for a refund from the company. but was rejected via email We’ll have to wait and see if Razer will make any further changes after this.

Source: Naomi Wu (1, 2) | Kiara from The Verge