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Sites like putlockers alternatives: Everyone’s favourite free movie streaming website-Putlocker.is is dead. Putlocker provided high-quality content along with security from malware attacks. The search was smooth, and every new movie/TV show was available. But now it’s whole existence form the internet is dusted. However, the dream of watching free movies on the internet lives on with hundreds of alternative websites. But then again most of these websites show concern about security and the constant popups and ads destroy the overall movie experience.

putlocker alternatives
putlocker alternatives

Putlocker ch Alternatives-putlockers new site 2018-Putlocker9

We all have been very much interested and related to movie and entertainment business and enjoying a movie for free and at the comfort of home has its fun… isn’t it. It’s been noticed that one of our favourite sites for getting the free movie online with download facility has not been working these days. Name PUT LOCKERS is not working these days. The site put lockers has been providing high-quality movies and videos streaming over it with reliable security against malware and thus providing excellent protection for our system and device which the user was using for watching the show and movie. But getting dark dust over PUT locker has stopped the online entertainment for a moment.

But you don’t need to worry because I in this article have listed several sites and websites links which carry free movie and videos which will make our dream of watching new shows and movie online yet gain. These alternative websites also waive off out fear for malware and online device threats because these sites are safe, secure and don’t raise the pop-ups. This way, the system and Device stay protected and so as our mood of watching the new show online.

Now still in case you want to know the status of this website then this is sad to write the website has been blocked and is not even in construction. Since the site has not been working, I have noticed people looking for the new site looking and searching for new websites providing the same facility as Putlocker.

Following this article, I have listed a few of the alternatives to Put Locker gives the viewer providing exactly same services as Put Locker and in some of the websites provides better videos and services than put lockers. Even it be a Hollywood movie or any other movie of any Industry, say it is a web series these sites have been providing the services in the same aspect as you must have experienced in Put Locker.

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Now let me list out these websites. You are coming to lots of various websites I have listed the first three most liked sites by me for watching movies and TV series.

Solar movie:

This way you can get a hassle-free video and shows to watch for free. I hope you know the sites like put lockers alternative for new sites 2018. There are also a few more like Netflix, Amazon prime videos and other places but these all are only good once you opt for the paid version of such websites and apps to watch the video of your choice. I strongly suggest getting the best when you want to view it. Let us know which you selected and which is right for you. IF you have any problem in these sites, leave your comments below.

solarmovie-Solar movies sites download the app:

Without a second thought, Solarmovie is the best sites like putlockers alternative. You will find 30+ genres of movies and videos available here to watch for free. Like any other movie streaming site, Solarmoive also has many extension, and you need to search for which domain extension is currently working. Duet the copyright issues, and sometimes the website admin needs to close one domain and start a new site on another domain extension. At the time of writing this post, solarmovie. Sc domain is working, but you should confirm which work at the time you are looking to watch movie free.

solar movies
solar movies app download

When it comes to talking about the streaming videos online with a new list of the film, the first movie and other stuff like web series and files is solar. One would be able to find to get a 30+ number of film and also a lot of movies and online websites consisting of one beautiful site. The solar site movie has many sites search domain associated with it, and these take to various pages of a type of film and channels of web series and TV shows. Though to access all the movies and series, you need to go for the paid version of the same. Instead, its free version has also lots of varieties of film and lists associated with it. All you need to do while accessing this site is click at the latest free text and click at watch the show for free.

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Five is another leading movie streaming service that allows you to watch videos online free. FMovies is also a site like putlocker which enables you t stream a video online. The best thing I found with FMoives is, the site is advertisement free, and you won’t get annoyed. Also, all kinds of movies can be found here, starting from new to old and videos to TV series. You can also download videos free from Movies.

movies app download website

Niter –Leading online free streaming site

Niter is another free movie streaming site and is one of the best putlocker alternatives. Niter’s website interface is somewhat similar to Netflix, the leading site for online content and videos. You can enjoy free movies here are Niter and can download movie free as well. You can enjoy watching free movies and free movie streaming at Niter, and the experience will be unmatched.

Niter is one of the other best-chosen sites from the site for watching a free movie and shows online which streams all the latest show upon it. The way of working for this site is pretty much similar to Netflix and is the most chosen site for watching online shows and movies. The free version of the website contains hundreds of shows, and then its paid version is very much advanced where it steams fresh movie if recent release and new and latest TV episodes and web series web shows.

Popcornflix – Working putlocker alternative:

Popcornfix is another leading site like putlocker offering you watch full-length movies in HD. This is an HD alternative to put locker, offering you watch not only movies but also documentaries and web series. The best thing with Popcornlix is, it works very closely with Screen Media which is the most extensive independent movie library. The interface of popcornflix is quite simple and easy to navigate. There is a different section for new arrivals and popular movies. Another attractive feature of Popcornflix is, it is advertisement free, and you can enjoy seamless free movie streaming.

popcornflix websites apk
popcornflix websites ask

Another leading site is Popcorn site and yet again exactly similar websites like Put locker. The best part of this site is the site initiates and telecast all HD movie in HD print in its paid as well as free version. This website completely compliments the put locker site and advisable for those who are very much used to put locker for watching the online shows. It has a great movie and screen media library which displays all the recent shows and films upload on the site and in great print of HD. It has a new section of the late arrival of film and web series and so on. This site is wholly added free and popup free. So I advise all my readers to get a seamless free movie entertainment through PopCorn Flix.

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This site was launched in 2007 this site is another mostly used and highly used version of the torrent site. The site is mainly used for downloading the free version of the movie, and it is ultimately a database movie used for downloading the texts of the utterly free video.  This is a community-based site of torrent and has many versions like torrents and torrents etc. this site requires admin and is not such a secured site for a system user. Usually, they invite malware and electronic threats to the device. The place all the movies and web series are available on Put Locker and thus provides all set that is accepted by a put locker user for an instant. From the item the put locker site has stopped working this has become the best choice for the user, which enables the user to download the video and get it for free to watch.

1337X proxy unblock
1337X proxy


The link to access this website is 1337x.to.

All 123 Movies:

All 123Moives is another to free movie streaming site to watch free movies online. This is also a new putlocker site 2018 where you can watch any new or old film as well as TV series free.


You can also download movies free and can watch later as your time allows. All 123movies is not only the best putlocker alternative but also one of the best free online video streaming sites. Here you can find separate sections for movies, TV shows, Games which will help you watch those shows hassle-free.


I hope you know the sites like putlockers alternative for new sites 2018. Let us know which you selected and which is right for you. IF you have any problem in these sites, leave your comments below.

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