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sites like putlockers alternatives: Everyone’s favorite free movie streaming website-Putlocker.is is dead. Putlocker provided high-quality content along with security from malware attacks. The search was easy and every new movie/TV show was available. But now it’s whole existence form the internet is dusted. However, the dream of watching free movies on the internet lives on with hundreds of alternative websites. But then again most of these websites shows concern about security and the unending popups and ads destroy the overall movie experience. Ever since it arrived on the scene, Putlocker9 has been the favorite free movie streaming website among the movie fans. Putlockers was loved not only for content but also free malware and magnificent search which allowed users to search movies using any keyword. It’s been a week since sites like Putlockers.is, the current domain of Putlocker has been shut down and it shows no signs of resurrection though there has been a talk of it being relaunched with new admin team.

putlocker alternatives

putlocker alternatives

We have to assume that sites like Putlockers is dead and buried like YIFY/YTS and Kickass Torrents, we have to look for alternatives. Finding new putlocker type free movies streaming sites is not a difficult task, but not all of them are enjoyable to use or free from malware. Some movie streaming sites are loading with popups and ads, which really ruin the overall experience. In order to help our readers, we have made a list of the top-related free movie streaming websites like putlockers hindi movies so you could easily watch the free movies online. We have tested each and every one of these new movie sites and they are fantastic. are fantastic.

Putlocker ch Alternatives-putlockers new site 2018-Putlocker9

As we know Putlocker.com website is down, and so people have started looking for a put lockers new site. So, we thought to give you alternatives to putlocker. This putlocker alternative will give you an option to watch movies and whatever you were doing with putlocker earlier. For all those who are not aware of putlocker, let me tell you a bit about putlocker website. Putlocker was a movie streaming site and used to allow you to watch the trending movies on the internet. Be it Hollywood or Bollywood or TV/Web series, putlocker used to allow you to watch all these for free. Since the shutdown of putlocker site, many putlocker new sites like putlicker.is and many new extension came but soon those got closed as well. And so, this putlocker alternatives will help you much. As of now, we like thousands of other putlocker followers have believed that putlocker is dead like many other movies streaming websites kickass torrent etc. and so, have decided to write about few free movie streaming sites which are putlocker alternatives.

Here are the three top alternatives to putlockers which will help you watch movies online free. These are free movie streaming sites allowing you to watch free movies, web series, and a TV series.

solarmovie-Solar movies sites download app:

Without a second thought, Solarmovie is the best sites like putlockers alternative. You will find 30+ genres of movies and videos available here to watch for free. Like any other movie streaming site, Solarmoive also has many extension and you need to search for which domain extension is currently working. Duet the copyright issues, sometimes the website admin needs to close one domain and start a new site on another domain extension. At the time of writing this post, solarmovie.sc domain is working but you should confirm which work at the time you are looking to watch movie free.

solar movies

solar movies app download


Fmoives is another leading movie streaming service allow you to watch movies online free. FMovies is also a site like putlocker which enable you t stream a movie online. The best thing I found with FMoives is, the site is advertisement free and you won’t get annoyed. Also, all kind of movies can be found here starting from new to old and movies to TV series. You can also download movie free from Movies.


fmovies app download website

Niter –Leading online free streaming site

Niter is another free movie streaming site and is one of the best putlocker alternatives. Niter’s website interface is somewhat similar to Netflix, the leading site for online content and videos. You can enjoy free movies here are Niter and can download movie free as well. You can enjoy watching free movies and free movie streaming at Niter and the experience will be unmatched.

Popcornflix – Working putlocker alternative:

Popcornfix is another leading site like putlocker offering you watch full-length movies in HD. This is an HD alternative to putlocker offering you not only watch movies but also documentaries and web series. The best thing with Popcornlix is, it works very closely to Screen Media which is the largest independent movie library. The interface of popcornflix is quite simple and easy to navigate. There is a different section for new arrivals and popular movies. Another attractive feature of Popcornflix is, it is advertisement free and you can enjoy seamless free movie streaming.

popcornflix websites apk

popcornflix websites apk


Launched in 2007, 1337x is another best and most popular torrent site. This site is basically based on community, where people share best torrent files for free download. IT indexed in a large database from many torrent sites like torrentz, torrentdb etc.

1337X proxy unblock

1337X proxy

1337x has traditionally been a community-driven torrent site but had some issues a year ago where several of the admins and moderators protested over security concerns. However, much progress and improvement have been made since with the site growing in traffic, and recently rolling out a new design as well.

The link to access this website is 1337x.to.

All 123 Movies:

All 123Moives is another to free movie streaming site to watch free movie online. This is also a new putlocker site 2018 where you can watch any new or old movie as well as TV series free.



You can also download movies free and can watch later as your time allows. All 123movies is not only the best putlocker alternative but also one of the best free online movie streaming site. Here you can find separate sections for movies, TV shows, Games which will help you watch those shows hassle free.


I hope you know the sites like putlockers alternative for new sites 2018. Let us know which you selected and which is good for you. IF you have any problem in these sites leave your comments below.

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