Put the left bar back in iTunes

This tutorial applies to all versions of Windows (XP, Vista, 7 and 8) because it is a change in itunes. Essential software when you have an iPhone, an iPad and/or an iPod, iTunes 11 and later versions are no longer presented in the same way as the older versions. Most importantly, these menus on the left of the screen to navigate from one library to another and manage their playlists.

iTunes 11 new look

The left sidebar in iTunes 10 and previous:

Apple iTunes 10 sync iPhone iPad iPod on Windows 8

Re-Show Menus and Sidebar in iTunes

1. Once iTunes is open, click on the icon at the top left and choose Show menu bar. You can also use the CTRL + B key combination.

iTunes 11 show menu

The menu bar is displayed:

itunes 11 menu bar

2. Open menu Presentation and click on Show sidebar. Or do a CTRL + S.

Apple iTunes 11 show sidebar left menu

The left sidebar is available again, making it easier to navigate between Music, Movies, TV Shows, Apps, and Playlists. With an iPhone, iPad or iPod connected, we find the old presentation (more practical) to synchronize photos, music or new applications.

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