PREVIEW | Android 12L Beta 2 Preview Adds Double-line clock option to the lockscreen – with several UI improvements

Google has released Android 12L Beta 2, with updates from Pixel 3a and up to Pixel 5a with 5G, while Pixel 6 hasn’t arrived yet. The major change is Clock display bug on lock screen that annoyed many people, now fixed. There is also an option to adjust the display style of the watch to either one row or two rows as you like.

Crazy clock bug that annoys many people. It’s fixed now.

Android 12L Beta 2 is the last minor release prior to its official launch in Q2 this year, with a focus on improving the system-wide interface for larger-screen devices. such as foldable mobile phones and tablets But the general smartphone has received some benefits, along with new features as well. As previously previewed in Android 12L Beta 1 before

You can now access Calendar from At a Glance as usual.

We can now access the Calendar app to view calendars and schedule appointments by tapping the At a glance widget on the home screen once again after Google removed this feature with the regular release of Android 12.

Tap At a glance and immediately enter the Calendar app.

The clock display in the lock screen is adjustable.

As for changing the clock in the lock screen to a single row as mentioned above. You can set it by going to Settings > Display > Lock screen until you see the Double-line clock menu if this function is turned off. The clock is always displayed as a single row on top, even if there is no notification item.

Left Double-line clock is on ; Right Double-line clock is off.

Go to settings at Settings > Display > Lock Screen > Double-line clock.

Setting the clock style on the lock screen also affects Always on Display, as the on-screen animation is displayed continuously. This is another point that has been improved in this update.

The Split Scene menu has been renamed to Split Top.

Next, the split screen feature has been renamed from Split sceen on Android 12 and below to Pin to top in Android 12L Beta 1 and most recently Split top in Android 12 L Beta 2. Round the top and bottom in App pairs mode. It also complies with the Material you design language of the system.

Split Screen menu renamed again and again…

Edges of apps in App pairs mode are now rounded.

Exit Airplane mode right from a Wi-Fi shortcut in Quick settings.

When airplane mode is turned on in Android 12L Beta 2, the Wi-Fi shortcut will add a Turn off air plane mode menu, allowing you to choose whether you want to turn on Wi-Fi and stay in airplane mode. or turn off airplane mode completely Reduce duplication of use From the beginning, you had to choose to turn on or off one by one.

Exit Airplane mode right from the Wi-Fi toggle page.

And if you notice carefully, you can see that the brightness of the background after opening the toggle menu in Android 12L Beta 1 is slightly lower than Beta 2.

Added a Split top button to the PiP window.

Another new addition is the Split top button in the PiP window, which only appears when any apps are open at the same time (right image). and it will immediately go into App pairs mode of both apps.

The PiP window has also become rounded, and a Split top button has been added.

The parallel adjustment of the PiP window can be done by pinching in or out. The same way to zoom in on a picture. You don’t have to drag from the edge like before. But there is no option for adjusting window transparency.

The rest of the changes

In addition, the Power menu animation was originally a slide effect. move from the right It has now been transformed into a linked effect. emerged from the middle instead. And finally, the Hold for Assistant menu is previewed as an animation.

Added Hold for Assistant preview to make it easier to understand.

The last change is Camera and microphone access notification pop-up (In case of access is disabled) There is a slight design adjustment. by changing the arrangement of the text from the left to the center instead ready to expand the frame to be bigger than before But at this point, I’m quite annoyed. Because the pop-up menu in other sections still uses the old design. So it doesn’t seem to be in the same direction at all. will probably not be able to adjust again in the future

Fixed the interface a bit.