Prevent Skype from starting automatically

Skype is software used worldwide and remains compatible with all versions of Windows. If it is very practical, the program starts by itself with Windows and remains in the taskbar (at the bottom of the screen) when you do not want to use it. More annoying, while you do not want to use Skype more than once a month, the application automatically connects each time you turn on the computer.

This tutorial explains, in a simple way, how prevent Skype from starting automatically with Windows (disable autorun).

Disable Skype from starting automatically

1. Open Skype software and to log in (impossible to do without identifying yourself).

2. Go to the menu Tools and click on Options.

Skype tutorial option

3. In general settings, look at the right part and uncheck the lineStart Skype when Windows starts “:

Skype autorun tutorial

4. Click on ” Record »To validate the modification.

5. The Skype software will no longer turn on by itself the next time you start the computer. Restart the PC to verify.