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dd 17 March 2016 I read on a post about Ransomware which is not crackable. The so-called TeslaCrypt ransomware in an updated version. The earlier “older” version contained a bug that allowed computer experts to decrypt the file. So if you get infected with the new version of TeslaCrypt then you have the big problem that you can only recover your files by actually paying the cybercriminals.

These cybercriminals even have built-in features in the ransomware to chat, talk to, or the ransomware itself speaks in your own language. In this case, just Dutch. They actually do everything they can to inform the inexperienced computer user why they are infected, and how to fix it. Outrageous if you ask me.

I personally have no experience with ransomware yet, and this is also the first tip. Buy an Apple Mac computer, as of now no ransomware is available in large numbers. There is a variant in circulation KeRanger but is not used on a large scale.

Here are some tips to keep in mind. I would like to point out that most of the tricks used to infect users are through Social Engineering. This means that they are trying to abuse the goodness, or ignorance of man. Technology can stop a lot of people, but if man himself gives permission for it, it becomes a very different story. An example here is phishing, a fake email from your bank, a friend, an application or the mail provider itself.

  1. Do not open an attachment that arrives by email without your sender checking. Click on the sender’s name, and you will see the email address instead of the name. An example “Rabobank Amsterdam” as a name. Click on the name “Rabobank Amsterdam” and you will suddenly see an e-mail address So this is not from the bank, so do not just go by name.
  2. Do not download small files binaries (usenet). If you download illegally, ok we all do pay attention to the size of the file, a video file of 700kb for example is not a real video.
  3. Beware of torrents and associated key generators or cracks. Chances are these files contain ransomware. They are also often noticed by virus scanners, and the message that the distributors add is “temporarily shut down your antivirus or the crack will not work”… well no, that gives them access to your system.
  4. ALWAYS update your software, such as Adobe Flash Player, or your current browser via the official website or the built-in update feature. Do not update through websites that report that you have an outdated version, or are missing a component. This is social engineering and you get infected with adware or ransomware.
  5. Keep your computer up to date, if you need to install Windows updates, do not wait. This gives you the chance to be abused by a found error in, for example, Windows itself but also the standard software such as the Internet Explorer browser. Always up to date, again: official websites and sources.
  6. Install antivirus software, paid or free does not matter. It can even prevent ransomware, even if the makers of ransomware do their utmost to circumvent it. From my own experience, I know that it is not very difficult to bypass antivirus software, but it does help a little.

Antivirus software is crucial on your computer. Buy Antivirus on Amazon.

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