Photo Story 3 for Windows 10 Free Download 64 Bit

Photo Story 3 for Windows 10- Have you ever made a movie using your photos or videos using any photo editor app? There are various software or applications available to make an excellent presentation using your pictures or videos. Photostory 3 for Windows 10 is one of the best applications for this purpose.

Some version of Photostory has already been released previously by Microsoft. Let’s discuss the latest version of this fantastic application photo story 3.


What Is Photo Story 3?

Microsoft photo story is freeware software that is made available by Microsoft for windows. It is effortless to create the slideshow using Microsoft photo story, with a single click, you can touch-ups, crop, or rotate pictures. You can also add stunning effects, soundtracks, and voice narration to your story created by you.

Microsoft photo story is capable of applying special effects to a picture and create your slideshows. Microsoft photo story has been licensed as freeware for Windows operating system. Microsoft photo storey 3 is readily available to all the users for free download.

Basic Information About Photo Story 3

The photo story is based initially on Microsoft’s project in photo sharing; the main reason behind this research was that people performed better with actions, when they narrated a story by moving hands, making gestures and pointing out towards their image. In this research, it was also founded that people did not like to narrate in their voice, and they preferred recording their narration again and again.  People were unable to explain themselves clearly, and this made the story less enjoyable. Photostory was not included with Windows XP; though it was continuous to be made available for free download for an authentic user. Both Vista and Windows 7 have a photo story, but few users still prefer the flexibility offered by the original.

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Photostory 3 is powerful software designed by Microsoft for windows which helps you to create your digital photos and videos. This software that uses for Ken Burns Effect on digital photos and adding the narration, effects, transition background to create a movie for windows media movie files with pan and zoom effects. This software allows you to create your videos by using photos from your PC or other devices. It creates a storyboard that will enable the user to organise the pictures according to their wishes. Photostory lets you narrate your story in your voice.

Photostory supports as many photos as you want. There is no certain limit to the number of photos added to the photo story. It very quickly lets you rotate, crop, correct red-eyes without getting into a complicated process. You can also personalise the images with titles and captions.

After the movie has been made, you can play it on PC with the help of windows media player. Since the .wmv format is used, a windows media video image goes compatible with domestic DVD player, users wishing to create a DVD or VCD to use third-party tools to convert into DVD consistent format.

Photostory 3 offers three choices, like begin a new story, edit a project, or play a story. There appears a main window that helps you to display the selected images, lets you crop and rotate them and change the colour levels and apply a variety of visual effects from a drop-down the wizard. The wizard of the photo story gives us a lot of advice like removing black borders tool will improve it’s on-screen appearance. The part to select helps you to save the correct part. We did a lot of work like adding text, narration, music and kept our project with lots of playback options.

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Essential Features of a Photo Story

Microsoft photo story access to drag photos on the window, provide narration, arrange them as needed, then provide custom narration, transitions, zooms, pans, audio soundtracks, and auto-generated music, and then export it as a result of WMV file. Photostory 3 has very great features. Few of these features have been listed below:

  1. Captures images: it creates the slideshow using your digital photos. With just a single click you can touch-up, crop, or rotate pictures.
  2. It brings photos to life: You can add stunning side effects, soundtracks, and narration of your voice. You can also personalise it with titles and captions.
  3. Share your stories: smaller the size of the file; it makes it easier for you to send your videos via email, watch them on your PC or TV, or windows based portable device.

Photo Story 3 on your windows ten free download

Photostory 3 is a fantastic software with many exciting features. It is the best photo story application. By following the below step by step, you can install photo story 3 for windows straightforwardly and quickly.

  1. Go to Microsoft’s website and download photo story 3.
  2. After the download is complete, start the setup file and follow the instructions to install the photo story.


The maximum number of images you can import in a single batch is 200. The maximum size of the image you can upload 72,300 (width) *7200 (heights) pixels. The maximum output resolution offered by Microsoft is 1024 * 768. The cropping and zooming are fixed to 4:3 ratios. To support 16:9 widescreen output, it is necessary to pre-distort all your imported images by adjusting the image height to 133.33%.

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If you want to edit disc and edit stories or movies, you need chargeable Raxio plug-in. The user has to avoid any size above the intended resolution.  Photostory 3 is not adequately supported on the vista or windows seven platform, although it downloads and installs on both vista and windows 7.


Microsoft photo story will allow you to drag photos to windows, arrange them, provide narration, transitions, zooms, audio tracks and then export it as a WMV file. Applying these types of features can some time be tricky in other moviemakers but not in Microsoft photo story. There is no necessity of going through the whole bunch of settings the program does it for you automatically; the default generated environments look perfect. If you are feeling auspicious, there are plenty of things you can do with the photo story. You can build your soundtracks.

You can analyse a wide variety of music genres, tempos, instruments, and effects which gives u a chance to create more attractive video and add audio which best suits your mood. The output of your file is in Microsoft’s WMV file format, which is more compressed than MPEGs and another file type. You can also select from various resolutions to optimise your slideshow. Unfortunately, the output movies from software’s are not as sharp as they would be in VCD or DVD formats.

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