Photo Backup is stuck at 1%

You with an iPhone and millions of photos? the your Iphone’s storage is full ? If you have opted for the solution of online backup from Apple which is called ICLOUD then you may have encountered a backup problem.

Indeed it is not uncommon to see the backup blocked at 1%, but here is a tutorial to unblock the situation.

What is ICLOUD?

Icloud is the paid backup solution offered by APPLE. You get a free 5GO plan on your Apple account. Thanks to ICLOUD it is possible to back up your iPhone but also its IPAD.

When you have reached the 5GB limit, you can subscribe to a 50GB or more plan.

The 200 GB and 2 TB packages can be shared with your children, spouses and friends.

icloud package
Here is the list of ICLOUD packages, there is no annual price.

With this package you can then free up space on your Iphone then that it is possible to transfer your photos there.

Icloud is reserved for the Apple ecosystem, if you have an Android you have other solutions like Google Photos

Icloud photos backup is stuck at 1%

Once your package has been purchased, you must check the backup of your photos.

Then the backup starts (you can see it at the bottom of your photo library).

Wait a few minutes, but if you notice that the transfer is blocked at 1% then it is necessary to carry out some manipulations.

activate icloud photos
Here the photo backup is activated.

Check your iphone storage

In the tab Settings then General and finally Iphone Storage you can quickly see the‘remaining storage space.

If you only have a few MB free then look no further, you will have to make a little more space.

Indeed Icloud needs a tampon to be able to make your backup, in my case I had 300 MB left which was too little, I went up to 1 GB and the backup started correctly.

iphone storage menu
The iPhone storage menu allows you to check the available space.

Free up space on your iPhone

To free up space you can delete old SMS, photos from your What’sAPP messaging or unnecessary Applications. The IOS ranks the applications that consume the most data.

iphone app list
here is the list by size of the applications on the iphone

With the deletion of the data your Icloud backup is no longer blocked at 1%!

Once your backup is complete you can reinstall your applications. In most cases, the photos consume the most storage.

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