Perform a Firefox reset? This is how you recover Firefox!

Like all web browsers, Mozilla Firefox also has a feature that completely restores the settings. Firefox completely returns to how it was installed without any predefined user settings.

There are settings that are removed to there are also settings that remain. The following settings will be deleted.

  • Firefox Extensions and Themes.
  • Specific permission to load scripts on websites.
  • Custom preferences.
  • Added search engines (whether or not added by malware or self).
  • Security certificate settings.
  • Plug-in settings.
  • Toolbar customizations, such as additional icons or applications.
  • User styles and social features.

The following settings are retained.

  • Bookmarks.
  • Navigation history.
  • Website passwords.
  • Open windows and tabs.
  • Website cookies.
  • Information for automatically filling in web forms, personal data such as name, address, place of residence (NAW) etc.
  • Personal dictionary if applicable.

Restore or refresh Mozilla Firefox to default values

Open the Firefox browser. In the address bar type: about: support. Click the Firefox Refresh button.

Refresh Firefox

Confirm that you want to refresh Firefox to default values.

Refresh Firefox to default settings

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