Patica1999: the Spaniard who conquered TikTok with «Freeway and a little bread»

Patica1999 a little bread and freeway TikTok

With phrases like “A little bread” Y “Freeway always operational”, the spanish tiktoker of the moment, Patica1999, has managed to make a place in the hearts of thousands of people.

If you are interested in knowing a little more about this tiktoker that has dazzled the Spanish-speaking community of TikTok, we recommend that you continue reading, then We have found out some information that will surely interest you.

Patica1999 proves that simplicity also has a place on TikTok

Unlike other tiktokers, Patica1999 doesn’t have any kind of special ability or characteristic that stands out above the rest of the mortals. This young Spaniard has only one thing in mind: show others that being simple is not bad, and… obviously it is something that he has managed to convey.

Why is Patica1999 so successful on TikTok?

As we always say in these types of notes, it is practically impossible to know why a user has made “famous” on TikTok. In the same way, we can mention some data to try to discover what was the key to the success of Patica1999.

Analyzing some of the videos that Patica1999 has uploaded to TikTok, we can notice a pattern that usually repeats itself almost constantly: the videos with the most “I like you”, and with the greatest number of views, are where the spanish tiktoker shows what you have for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner.

But that’s not all, because like other tiktokers, Patica1999 has “proprietary” some phrases that differentiate it from the rest of the users. These phrases, which have been viralized within the social video network, are the following:

  • “A little bread”: this phrase says it because bread can never be lacking in your meals.
  • “Freeway”: despite the fact that this brand of drinks has never paid you absolutely anything, Patica1999 can’t eat without having a glass of Freeway.
  • “Long live the food”: Demonstrating that food is very important in your life, Patica1999 mentions this phrase in all the videos where it is shown having breakfast, lunch, having a snack or having dinner.
  • “Always operational”: Although this phrase has no explanation, according to what can be seen in the videos, Patica1999 mentions it when she is about to take a sip of her favorite drink (Freeway).

In summary, the success of Patica1999 is due to how well people have liked it who uses TikTok. A young man who only shows what he eats, does not generate discussions and who also has a good time recording videos. This is what this Spanish tiktoker has needed to have (currently) more than 600 thousand followers on TikTok.

Personal information about Patica1999

Unlike other people who became famous on TikTok, such as Chiky Bombom, the creator of Buenas Buenas, find personal information about Patica1999 on the Internet it has been quite complicated.

@ patica1999

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♬ original sound – Jose Ángel Peregrina

Luckily, and thanks to an arduous investigation that we have carried out, we were able to find the name, age, place where he lives and other personal data of Patica1999. If you are interested in knowing all this and much more, you just have to keep reading, because here we are going to show you all that information.

What is Patica1999’s real name?

Patica1999 TikTok's real name

If you ever entered the official Instagram account of Patica1999Surely you have already found an answer to this question. The beloved Spanish tiktoker has no problem revealing who he is, because on Instagram we can see his name and surname.

To save you the trouble of logging into your Instagram account, here we can answer that question in a few words: Patica1999’s real name is José Ángel Peregrina Linares.

Where does Patica1999 live?

Where does Patica1999 live

This information has not been obtained illegally or anything like that, as it was José Ángel Peregrina Linares himself who provided it in one of his videos on TikTok.

The Spanish food lover tiktoker, has said that currently lives in Andalusia, specifically in the city of Granada. It was there that he was born and grew up with his parents, who (supposedly) would have come from another city in northern Spain.

To confirm this information yourself, you can enter Patica1999’s Instagram account. It is he who mentions in his profile that He is a fan of the Granada FC football club, information that we have used as a source to write these paragraphs.

How old is Patica1999?

Patica's Age 1999 TikTok

Although José Ángel Peregrina Linares had said his age in a TikTok video, the young Spaniard deleted it hours after posting it. Hence, only we can estimate how old it might be, What? Analyzing the usernames you have on TikTok and Instagram.

If we rely on the username you have on TikTok (Patica1999), José Ángel Peregrina Linares would have been born in 1999, for which he would currently be 22 years old (in 2021).

On the other hand, if we do the same analysis using the username you have on Instagram (Joseliiito96), the tiktoker would have been born in 1996, information that would indicate that He is currently 25 years old (in 2021).

What does Patica1999 work on?

What does Patica1999 work on?

In this section we have not been able to obtain much information, since Patica1999 has never clearly stated what her job is. In the same way, if you watched several of his videos, you will surely have realized that performs different types of work related to the field.

TO Jose Angel Peregrina Linares He has been seen driving a tractor, harvesting food, and even cutting down plants and trees. It would be correct to say that most of your time is spent working in the field, so the final answer to this question would be: you work doing different types of tasks in the field.

How much does Patica1999 make on TikTok?

How much does Patica1999 TikTok earn?

If you thought that Patica1999 made videos “for love at art”, We want to tell you that you were very wrong. When he had very few followers, TikTok paid him absolutely nothing, but this changed when his videos began to go viral on the platform.

Using the Exolyt service, which allows us to know how much money a tiktoker earns, we have been able to discover that Patica1999 earns approximately € 220 per month. There are months in which it manages to reach € 300 or € 400, but for this you need at least 30 or 40 videos to reach a million views.

Without much else to add, if you want to share the videos of José Ángel Peregrina Linares with your friends, you don’t have to force them to install TikTok, you can download the videos of Patica1999 using SSSTikTok.