Overview: these are the best Chromebooks in three price classes

Chromebooks zijn erg populair en dat is wat ons befret torte. The laptops zijn overzichtelijk en ideal voor school, work of entertainment. Om je te helpen, heeft Android Planet the best Chromebooks in drie verschiedelden prijsklassen op een rijtje gezet.

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Three Chromebooks for three prices

Als je veel te maken hebt met tekstbestandjes, pdf-bestanden or online content, dan is een Chromebook maybe wel beschicht voor jou. These are laptops with Chrome OS. That is the operating system of Google with which a lot of Android apps are used. Consider Google Chrome, YouTube, Docs and more from the Play Store.

Three best Chromebooks in a nutshell

  • Asus Chromebook: Budget-apparaat en prima voor licht gebruik en media voor rond de 200 euro;
  • HP Chromebook x2: A hybrid Chromebook with a sturdy casing, good speakers and a removable keyboard for 400 euros;
  • Acer Chromebook Spin: Premium device with full-featured laptop specifications for heavy programs. Just under 700 euros.

Basic Budget Chromebook (ASUS Chromebook C223NA-GJ0088)

The nice thing about Chromebooks is the accessibility of the software: Chrome OS. Zo kun je met een instapmodel al prima perform the daily tasks. Think for example of reading PDF files or watching a YouTube video. Dit kan al op deze Chromebook van Asus en het kost je zo’n 200 euros.

asus chromebook

This Chromebook has an 11.6-inch screen that you can use to watch movies. De accu houdt het gelagt een hele school- or werkdag vol zonder aan de lader te hoeven. Dat scheelt weer gezeul met kabels in de klas of op kantoor.

The casing is partly made of rubber and therefore this Asus can withstand a knock. You don’t have to worry if you spill a glass of water because this Asus Chromebook is water resistant.

Midrange Chromebook with handy design (HP Chromebook x2 11-da0210nd)

Chromebooks come in all shapes and sizes, which is evident again with the HP Chromebook x2. These can be used both as tablets and laptops, because the keyboard is removable. So you look up the extra sharp screen Netflix in high quality and operate it easily with the touchscreen. Or type a report with the keyboard covers.

hp chromebook x2

Voor de 400 euros die deze HP cost, krijg je 128GB storage space. That’s not great for a laptop, but since you work online with Chrome OS, it’s more than enough. The Snapdragon processor ensures that the webpage can be opened without any effort.

The speakers of the HP x2 were developed in collaboration with Bang & Olufsen. That has been a recognized brand in the field of audio for decades. Je zult dus niet snel slecht geluid horen uit de stelen kaisaund van de HP Chromebook x2. Note: this HP has only two USB-C ports.

High end Chromebook for top speed (Acer Chromebook Spin 713 CP713-2W-5719)

If you plan to use your Chromebook intensively, then this Acer Spin is a smart choice. This laptop has relatively powerful specifications for Chrome OS. With this, you say goodbye to the stalling of waste runners. Hi is met 690 euros a bit pricey, but can be better overall with heavy apps.

acer chromebook spin

The Acer Spin has an Intel Core i5 processor and 8GB of memory. As a result, you only run multiple apps at the same time. Despite the faster chips, the battery also lasts a long time. So haal je zeker het end van je work- or school day.

With the foldable design of the Acer Spin, you can adjust it to three modes: a ‘normal’ laptop, a tablet or a ‘tent stand’. With that, you use the Spin exactly as you want. With a housing and a screen of 13.5 inches, the documents are clearly visible. Is the connection available. Zo kun je een tweede scher verbinden via hdmi and a charged hot device via usb-c.

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Which Chromebook do you have or do you plan to work on? Let us know in the comments below or send us a message via Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

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