Overview: The 5 best read reviews on Android Planet of 2021

Also in 2021, we published a lot of reviews on Android Planet. Now that the year is almost over, it’s time to look back. These are the five most popular reviews on Android Planet 2021.

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The most popular reviews of 2021 on Android Planet

Reviews have been an important (and very popular) part of for many years Android Planet. We test the latest smartphones and, of course, discuss the cheaper devices in addition to the top devices. After all, not everyone wants to spend more than 800 euros on a new Android smartphone. And cheaper devices will be at least as interesting as their more expensive brothers in 2021.

We’ve published dozens of reviews over the last twelve months. From the Samsung Galaxy S21 to the Motorola Moto G30 and in addition to smartphones, we have also tested other gadgets. Think, for example, of the Google Nest Hub (second generation), OnePlus’ first smartwatch and Fitbit Charge 5.

Below we list the five most popular reviews on Android Planet of 2021. Below the conclusion of the reviews you will also find a link to the full story, so you can read it right away.

1. Samsung Galaxy A52

The review of the Samsung Galaxy A52 is one dot at a time. No review has been read as often this year as Samsung’s popular midranger. Understandable, because we were very positive about the device and especially about the good price-quality ratio.

The Samsung A52 clearly shows why Galaxy A phones are so popular. You get a lot for little and in fact the device has no major drawbacks. The processor is not the fastest in this price range, but fast enough for most users. In addition, it is a pity that the phone feels a bit cheap and the fastest charger is not included.

But so is it. The Galaxy A52 has a very nice screen, excellent cameras, a good battery life, a lot of storage and gets long updates. That makes it a nice complete smartphone for which you do not have to pay very much. It would therefore not surprise us if the A52 becomes a hit again.

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android 12 review

Android 12

Android 20 unleashed its tongues on Android Planet in 2021. Many readers were curious about the new design of Android 12, what features have been added and when the update is available for download. Some smartphones are now running the latest Android version, but most devices will be updated in the coming months.

Android 12 is a big update that focuses mainly on the design. Android looks completely different and the changes have been successful for us. The privacy dashboard is also nice and the other improvements are nicely taken along. The only problem is that the big new thing – the design – is meant for Pixel phones, and so few people will see the new look soon.

The question is also to what extent other manufacturers will take over the design. Therefore, it seems that Android 12 is especially interesting for users with a Google phone. That’s a shame, because Android 12 has a lot to offer and is much more interesting than previous Android updates.

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3. Android Auto in 2021

Android Auto is and will remain a popular topic on our website. We also saw this when we re-examined the car operating system at the beginning of this year. Nowadays, Android Auto is officially available in the Netherlands and we are of course very happy with that. A nice fact: our video about Android Auto is also one of the most popular movies we’ve made this year.

Android Auto already has a lot to offer in 2021 and there is already a stable base. The software can be used in almost any car and provides a nice and safer way of driving, navigating and consuming media.

Of course, it can always be better. For example, we are still waiting for official support in the Netherlands and more apps that can work with it. As with Android on your smartphone, regular updates appear that make the system even more attractive.

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Android Auto review 2021

4. Poco F3

An almost flagship for only 349 euros: that’s the Poco F3 in a nutshell. The device has a great price-quality ratio and does almost everything for the money. That turns out to be a golden combination: our review of the Poco F3 was therefore very well read.

As can be seen from this review, we are quite enthusiastic about the Poco F3. You get a very fast processor, beautiful screen and excellent battery. This makes the smartphone meet the most important requirements. The update policy is also in order. For the vast majority of people, this device is therefore a real recommendation.

Only if you attach great importance to the cameras would we look a little further. They suffice for quick snapshots on social media, but fall short of serious photography. The other disadvantages, such as the low noise and small errors in the software, we can easily forgive due to the low advisory price.

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5. Samsung Galaxy A52s

The “successor” of the Samsung A52 (or rather: a slightly faster version) is also a success. The review of the Galaxy A52s has been read a lot in recent months, despite the fact that the device differs from its predecessor in only a few points. You can read about the exact differences in the full review.

The Galaxy A52s is not a full-fledged successor to the A52, but only a slightly customized and faster version. The more powerful processor and the 120Hz screen are nice improvements, but otherwise there is little news under the sun. However, this does not matter, because the A52 was already an excellent middle class with a good price-quality ratio.

The Galaxy A52s is now about as expensive as the A52 and we therefore recommend going for the s version, if in doubt between the smartphones. The device has no major drawbacks, gets long Android updates and offers much for little. For around 400 euros, the A52s is again a great choice.

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