Outlook on Android: install the black theme

As on other mobile applications, the black theme is a function that is being democratized to offer users the possibility of inverting the colors of their tools. In the manner of facebook messenger for example, the Microsoft Outlook mobile application also allows you to have a black background and white texts. This setting improves theaccessibility for the visually impaired (ergonomics) or to relieve the eyes by having less light reflected by the phone, especially in the evening. Also the battery consumption of the smartphone could be improved since fewer white pixels are lit. Either way, it’s usually a personal preference to choose a black background over a white one.

This tutorial explains how switch the Microsoft Outlook application to a dark theme, on Android smartphones and tablets. A Dark Mode officially offered by Microsoft, the publisher of the mobile app. You obviously need a recent version of the messaging program. If this procedure does not work on your mobile, you will need to open the Google Play Store to download and install the latest updates available.

Set up black/dark mode theme on Outlook for Android

1. Open the mobile app Microsoft Outlook.

2. Press the account picturetop left of the screen:

3. In the menu that opens, press the gear wheel bottom left (Settings):

4. In the list that appears, scroll down to the “Preferences” group and press Theme :

5. Choose between “ Light“, “ Dark ” and ” System Default » :

The “System default” option will adapt to the theme configured on the mobile operating system, namely Google Android. If Android is configured in black theme, Microsoft’s Outlook application will already be in dark mode by default.

6. The modification is immediate, the dark/black/dark mode theme applies instantly.

It will therefore suffice to return to this menu to restore the light theme, or white background, to the Outlook application on Android.