Outlook 2016: add a Gmail / Google account

Gmail, Google Apps or Google for Work messaging works ideally in webmail, that is to say from an Internet browser (if possible Google Chrome) but you can also use an email software. This tutorial explains how set up a Gmail / Google account on Microsoft Office Outlook 2016. This procedure follows this guide and takes place in three important stages.

If these steps are not followed correctly, it will be impossible to use Outlook with a Google or Gmail account. Error messages will appear, such as “Connection attempt blocked” or a blocking of Outlook which will not be able to connect to the Google account by IMAP.

Allow Outlook to connect to Gmail

1. Open a web page and connect to the Gmail or Google Apps for Work account.

2. At the top right, click on the profile picture then ” My account ” in blue.

tutorial Google Mail Gmail account

3. In the “Connection and security” section, click on ” Connected applications and sites“.

tutorial Google Mail Gmail authorize Outlook software

4. Pass the parameter ” Allow less secure apps “From” disabled “to” activated By clicking on the button next to it.

tutorial Google Mail Gmail authorize Outlook software

5. An email was received mentioning this action: “Access enabled for less secure applications”. This is the only way to be able to configure a Gmail or Google mailbox on software like Outlook.

Activate IMAP on the Google Gmail account

1. Connect to the Gmail / Google Apps account using an internet browser.

2. Click on the cogwheel top right and Settings.

tutorial avatar image photo profile gmail

3. Go to the ” Transfer and POP / IMAP “And check the” IMAP access ” : L’IMAP state must be on ” activated “. If this is not the case, check the line ” Enable IMAP ” and ” Save Changes “.

GMAIL tutorial activate IMAP

(a more detailed explanation is read here)

Configure Gmail / Google for Work in Microsoft Outlook 2016

1. When opening Office Outlook 2016 for the first time, a wizard suggests configuring the first e-mail account: say Yes.

Outlook 2016 tutorial Gmail Google Apps for Work email account

2. Indicate the name to display (Jean Dupont), thee-mail address @ gmail.com or @ mon entreprise.fr and the password (twice).

Outlook 2016 tutorial Gmail Google Apps for Work email account

3. The settings are verified.

Outlook 2016 tutorial Gmail Google Apps for Work email account

4. The Gmail or Google for Work account has been added to the Outlook 2016 software. A “Microsoft Outlook test message” has been sent to confirm correct operation.

There are therefore very few settings to configure in Outlook to configure a Google mailbox. For advanced configuration, see this tutorial that details Gmail’s POP, IMAP and SMTP servers.