Orange mails hacked

This is a recurring subject at Orange. The email addresses of Orange subscribers are regularly hacked because the Orange mail server is very unsecure. The most common case issending emails to all your contacts explaining that you are in a difficult personal situation and that you need money. The most famous hack is redirecting emails to the address

hacked orange email address
hacked orange email address

A major flaw in Orange’s mail servers allows hackers to access the database and thus gives access to customer identifiers, email address, telephone number and, most seriously, associated passwords. This problem is all the more serious, as many small SMEs use an orange email address for their professional accounts.

In most cases, the hacked email address is used on your behalf to send a mail to all your contacts explaining that you are going through a difficult period on a personal level. The hackers hope that your contacts, friends or family respond to this email and then their ask for money.

Apart from this scam, hackers also have access to all online accounts that use your email address such as:

  • Bank account if the bank’s site is not very secure like the postal bank.
  • Pension fund (exchange of RIB for transfer).
  • Employer (exchange of RIB for transfer).
  • Social media accounts
  • All merchant site accounts (Amazon which keeps your card and allows you to add delivery addresses, CDiscount ditto if you have kept the card for future purchases).
  • Paypal which allows you to pay on most websites.

Hacking is sometimes invisible if your email address did not send the scam message to all your contacts. Indeed it is when this message is sent that generally, we realize the problem.

To check if your Orange email address has not been hacked, check that no redirection is active. To do this, go to your Orange Webmail: This tutorial is made with a Pro email address from Orange so the menu display may be slightly different.

  • Once on the Orange Webmal, click on Preferences or Settings (The toothed wheel)
  • In the General or All tab for pro messaging
  • Click Forward your messages to another mailbox.
  • If no address is specified, all is well.
Redirect Orange email to another email address
Redirect Orange email to another email address
  • If an email address is active, don’t panic! Click on the cross to remove the redirect.
delete orange email redirect
delete orange email redirect

Very sincerely, whether you are a professional or an individual, I invite you to check if no redirection is active, you could have surprises…. Again, avoid using addresses given by your internet service providers. As you can see, they are very unreliable, full of spam and in addition, you will lose its access the day you want to change providers … Prefer a Gmail or Outlook account.

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