Opera Browser Free Download for Windows 10 32 Bit/64 Bit

Opera for windows 10- Today in the world of technology all of us use some of the other web browsers to get information from the internet. All of us in this era use a different web browser with many new features. Web browser helps us to browse the information which we want. It is the platform for a person to get any information he desires. There are a lot of web browsers in the market. One such web browser is the Opera. Opera is one of the best web browsers with many extra features.

Opera for windows 10
Opera for windows 10

In previous decades the developing of software was very slow and they updated the software after a very long time but nowadays that is not the case. The developers update their software very frequently. They try to make their software better every day by adding extra features and attract the user. The developers of the Opera web browser have released many versions before and now they are out with the latest version of the Opera browser for windows 10. Here in this article, we will discuss opera for windows 10.

Opera Download for Windows 7/8/10/pro

Opera is a free web browser designed for safe and smooth browsing. It is available for android, windows, and iOS. Opera was developed in the year 1994 and since then the developers are constantly trying and making the software better every day and making it easy for the users to browse.  They were the first developers to come up with the tapped browsing and innovate it till now.

The screen which opens with the speed dial is a great way for the users to open and browse quickly from their favorite websites. Opera is very fast and fully loaded with special features. It has a modern interface, and stacks of tools which makes it more enjoyable for the user. It has everything that you need to browse from web interface; it displays news items according to the topic in the preferred language and country. When you launch Opera it opens up with speed dial and the bookmarked pages are also available which you have marked to your favorite list.  Opera also has a feature of built-in VPN which provides safe and private browsing.

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Opera for Windows 10

Opera is a competitive web browser fully loaded with features like speed dial, tabbed interface, bookmarked pages, customization, drag and drop options. It also concentrates on the security by giving a warning about the risky sites, browsing privacy. The VPN feature helps you in the security and privacy of browsing.

Opera can be used on your android devices, iOs devices and also on your PC through windows. The recent update by developers of opera is on opera for windows 10. Now you can get Opera for windows 10 also.  It functions in the same manner whether on an Android device or a PC. Opera for Windows 10 provides many features like it is easy and safe to use, bookmarked pages, it opens up with speed dial, it has a tabbed interface and many more attractive features. Opera has excellent functions like navigation function and integrated search. It has only one search bar for browsing and navigation, unlike other browsers that have two search bars.

Opera for Windows 10 is a great option for those who are interested in browsing the information from their PC. It has a built-in VPN which makes the browsing safe and private and also prevents the tracking, which makes it completely different from other browsers. There have been various latest versions with very serious improvements to support modern technologies such as XHTML, HTML 5, CSS 3.0 and many more. Many new competitors have come for the Opera like Mozilla Firefox, but internet explorer still is a king to all the browsers.

Features of Opera for Windows 10

Opera is loaded with great features for a better experience. Below we will discuss various features of opera.

  1. Speed dial: Opera has the feature of speed dial, which opens as soon as you launch opera. This feature makes it easier for you to browse quickly and efficiently.
  2. Search shortcuts: You can search for your queries by just typing it in the search bar.
  3. Trash can: This feature opens the tabs instantly which you have closed recently and you can have immediate access to those sites which you had closed.
  4. Quick Find: Opera has the feature to not only remember the address and titles but also remember the content of the web page you have visited.
  5. Quick and customizable web search: With the help of this feature you can get quick access to Google, Amazon, eBay, Flip kart and many others in the search field.
  6. Mouse gesture: In opera, you can navigate the web with the help of your mouse throughout the browser.
  7. Stay in sync: You can easily get access to the browser where you left by just signing into opera.
  8. Stay safe: Opera has the feature to keep your browsing safe by giving you the warning about malicious sites, and when there is a threat to privacy.
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Reasons to Choose Opera Over Other Browsers

Opera offers a virtual private network (VPN) which is, however, lagging the other browsers behind. Google provides an extension in chrome which allows you to download extension for VPN. Opera provides this type of function for any person who wants to connect securely to certain web-based services. Opera provides free VPN whether used over any other private network. If you try to get access to any sensitive information like the bank details or any other private details, opera will shield that details and prevents it from passing back and forth.

Download Opera Mini for Pc Full Version

Mozilla Firefox is also another competitor of opera but in spite of so many web browsers in the market, internet explorer remains as a king of all the browsers. Many features of opera are lacking in the other browsers. Opera has a single search bar to browse and navigate but Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox and two search bars for browsing and navigation. It has a special feature of VPN which provides safe browsing and privacy to the user and also prevents tracking. Not all browsers provide speed dial features. Opera is, however, a different web browser from all the other web browsers.

Using of Opera

Opera has many features which are laid, simply just enable the VPN option from the browser security and privacy setting. It also has the feature of tab cycling and visual bookmarks which help you to keep track of all the web sites you have visited and did not read them fully. This feature makes it very simple for those people who visit sites very frequently and do not read the web site completely. The turbo features use the compression data technology to upload web sites to your device screen very instantly and rapidly.

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Opera consumes less power and makes the battery of your device last longer. It also offers a currency converter function which helps you to compare prices while shopping online from different websites especially from overseas websites. It offers you a search from free pop-up advertisements; you can block the pop-up advertisement and enjoy browsing free from pop-up ads and prevents slowing down of your computer. The built-in VPN function of opera provides safe browsing and also prevents tracking.

Opera Supports Better Browsing

Many of the features offered by opera are also present with the other browsers but still, every browser is different and opera also has many features that are different from the other browsers and supports safe browsing. The VPN feature of opera does not require any extension and works perfectly. The features of opera are extremely amazing and would be loved by all the users. It is the first browser in the market to come up with an ad-blocking feature to provide a comfortable browsing experience to its users. The VPN feature will provide fully private browsing and fail the attempts of tracking.


Opera browser has been licensed as freeware for Windows (32 bit and 64 bit) operating system. Opera provides free downloads to all its users. Opera has few features which are different from other browsers and excites the user to use opera. The numbers of users using opera are lesser than Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox but still the up to date and cutting edge technology makes it better and easier to use this amazing software. It is an excellent design with top performance, in both a simple and practical manner. So if you are planning to change your present web browser than opera could be a better option for you.

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