OnlyOffice, free competitor of Microsoft Office on Windows, Mac and Linux

It is rare to have software that is compatible Windows, Mac and Linux. We can cite the main browsers Google chrome and Mozilla Firefox or messaging Thunderbird. In office software, LibreOffice and OpenOffice exist on all three platforms but we also have to rely on a third competitor of the famous suite Microsoft Office : OnlyOffice. This pack of office software (word processor, spreadsheet and presentation tool) is compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac but also iOS and Android.

Compatibility assured from Windows XP up to 10, Mac OS 10.10 or higher, Debian 7, Ubuntu 12, CentOS 7, RedHat 7, Fedora 23.

AGPL v3 logoAs free as LibreOffice, the OnlyOffice suite is distributed under license AGPL v3, which guarantees transparency and community help on the source code used by the software. This concerns the Desktop version to download and install. The hosted version (SaaS), on the other hand, is as easy to use as an online service.

Interests of the OnlyOffice suite

If all office tools offer word processing, spreadsheets and presentation software, in cloud mode or not, OnlyOffice allows companies to directly integrate this software into their business applications : CRM, GED, project management and even in electronic messaging. This use will have a cost, much lower than a Microsoft Office suite but which will have to be calculated according to needs.

The cloud version of OnlyOffice is intended to be more compatible than its competitors, even the most renowned such as Microsoft Office Online.

For the House, OnlyOffice software is free to install and use, which makes it a serious alternative to Office pack sold for more than a hundred euros on PC and Mac (even if a free version of Microsoft Office exists on Windows). To work in a homogeneous way on different operating systems, Only Office can be an interesting solution in order to keep the layout on the documents.

OnlyOffice will struggle to establish itself in the office suite market: Microsoft is pushing its Office package on Windows, Ubuntu comes with LibreOffice by default and Apple delivers Pages, Numbers and Keynote on Macs.

Download OnlyOffice

To discover and download the OnlyOffice software, on Windows, Mac or Linux, it’s easy here.

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