Office 2019 displays an update available message all the time

Office 2019 is the office suite offered by Microsoft, October 5 will be Office 2021 who will take over.

To install it you can follow our guide to download office 2019

Nevertheless, since a few weeks I have noticed that on some PCs a message appears in a yellow bar, a message indicating that an update is available.

Obviously the Office suite was up to date and the message was still visible ?! Here is how to fix the problem.

An update is available for Office 2019

The message is visible simply by opening the Word / Powerpoint / Excel software or Outlook.

You should see a yellow banner asking to update office 2019

office 2019 update message
The Office version is in English at home

Another message:

office 2019 update message

The problem is that on some stations the message returns in a loop, sometimes it is annoying for RDS servers (TSE servers)

It is possible to block office updates but the best solution is to centralize the updates with a WSUS server

To delete the message we will modify a registry key in the system.

Changing the registry key

The easiest way to open the registry is to press Windows key + R then to enter regedit

access to the registry

Once the base is open, you have to go here:


On the right window there are two values ​​to check:

UpdatesBlockedTime” and “UpdatesReadyToApply“, both values ​​must be 0

regedit updates office 2019
my two values ​​are zero

Restart your computer, logically you should no longer be bothered by the message.

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