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Are you looking for a really effective antivirus, but don’t know which one to turn to? In our opinion, Norton is undoubtedly one of the leading references, especially since the software suite often comes pre-installed on new PCs. But do we necessarily have to settle for the one that is positioned in the world’s Top 3 in terms of popularity?

In our great Norton test, we invite you to examine the components of the antivirus offer point by point – in particular Norton’s ability to strengthen the security of your machine and that of your digital life. Below, we will come back in detail to each of the formulas available from the publisher who was voted “best choice” by the UFC Que Choisir in 2022.

Norton’s big test

Let’s start by detailing one by one the different features of Norton. Of course, its antivirus is the most popular tool in its range: it is integrated by default in all these offers. Then, depending on the type of plan you choose, you will have access to various features such as Dark Web Monitoring, Safecam or Password Manager. This is what we will see below.

Antivirus et par-feu

Norton is a famous antivirus published since 1991 by NortonLifeLock (ex-Symantec). It’s one of the most popular antiviruses on Windows in 2022 – but that wasn’t always the case. The first antivirus published by Symantec, “SAM” was for Macintosh. It was also the first of its kind to include an automatically updated definition database.

In 1990, Symantec acquired Peter Norton Computing, which produced several DOS utilities, including the then fairly popular Norton Utilities suite. At the time, the suite did not yet contain an antivirus. But after the takeover, Symantec continues to develop the suite’s features under the Norton name.

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At the beginning of 1991, computer security finally became a major subject when many companies deplored the first waves of computer virus infections from abroad. It was therefore in 1991 that the first true “Norton” antivirus for PC was released. The Mac version, still called SAM, changed its name in 1998 to Norton AntiVirus for Macintosh.

Over the years, NortonLifeLock has absorbed many anti-virus and competing software, including Avira. In August 2021, the group also announced its impending merger with fellow antivirus giant Avast for over $8 billion. So many acquisitions which, in our opinion, have enabled Norton to develop its expertise well beyond the antivirus function.

Norton range
The range © Norton

Norton Password Manager

Norton also offers a complete password manager, called Norton Password Manager (read an article on the subject from our colleagues at Presse-citron). This manager is a real help on a daily basis. It allows you to always generate extremely strong passwords and is also very easy to use. The Norton solution also allows you to generate one-time codes for your various accounts – saving you from using a separate program like Google Authenticator for this.

In our opinion Norton promises thanks to its password manager to have only one code to remember – while enormously reinforcing the security of your accounts. The software comes with other well-regarded features. For example, the manager always creates for you the strongest passwords for all your online accounts. It also automatically detects the presence of your credentials in data leaks.

Finally, Norton Password Manager synchronizes your passwords on all of your devices: if you save a password on your PC, you can immediately pre-fill it automatically on all of your other devices.

Norton Cloud Backup for PC

Most Norton 360 plans offer “Cloud Backup”, marketed as Norton Cloud Backup for PC. It is in fact an alternative to services such as Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive, with however a small “twist”: a specialization around the most sensitive files. Backing up your data is definitely something that everyone understands the value of – even if the overwhelming majority of users de facto never back up their data / or do so at very irregular intervals.

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Norton Cloud Backup for PC takes care of automating this operation in order to always be dry feet in case of hard drive failure, accidental deletion, natural disaster, theft, and other IT risks such as ransomware and malware attacks and other trojans. Photos, administrative documents, personal data, projects… reduce the risk of losing this valuable data as much as possible!

Secure VPN

Norton also offers the Norton Secure VPN service. This virtual private network service allows you above all to encrypt your connection when you have no choice but to go through a public hotspot – for example at a station or at the airport. It often happens that hackers place hacked access points in public places. This can allow them to carry out attacks of the Man in the Middle (MitM) type without the knowledge of the users.

In this type of attack, the victim connects to a public hotspot controlled by a hacker. While the user is browsing the internet, the hacker can then see absolutely everything the user visits or enters into forms. In the case of connection to his bank, for example, the victim is thus likely to transmit without knowing his login credentials in clear text to a malicious person.

A VPN creates an encrypted virtual “tunnel” between your computer or smartphone and a remote point on the global internet network. The encryption is said to be military-grade (AES 256-bit) – which means that even a highly motivated attacker intercepting the tunnel could not decrypt your activity in a short enough time. Norton Secure VPN is compatible with PC, Mac, Android, iPad, and iPhones.

The service included free with all Norton 360 offers, allows you to connect to around thirty servers located abroad. A wide choice that can allow you to unlock access to foreign versions of certain websites such as Netflix and Prime Video as a bonus.

Norton Dark Web Monitoring

Norton Dark Web Monitoring is a dark web monitoring solution. Data leaks follow one another and resemble each other, to the point that the overwhelming majority of Internet users seem at this stage completely anesthetized by this kind of information. Yet these repeated leaks and their massive scope mean that it’s likely that at least some of your credentials are already somewhere in a database for sale on the black market.

These lists are popular with hackers because they speed up mass piracy. To help you determine more quickly if your identifiers have leaked – and give you the opportunity to change passwords more quickly when necessary, in our opinion Norton Dark Web Monitoring is the only truly effective solution for scrutinizing the submerged part of the internet network. This will allow you to be more responsive, and therefore greatly reduce the risk that one of your most sensitive accounts will be compromised in a few seconds.

Norton: minimum system requirements

Each antivirus solution has its favorite platforms. Although Norton originally specialized in Macs, the publisher is now much more focused on Windows PCs, Android smartphones and iPhones.


  • Microsoft Windows 11/10 (all versions)
  • CPU 1 GHz
  • 2 Go RAM
  • 300 MB of free space
  • Nvidia/AMD graphics card with 6 GB VRAM (only for Norton Crypto)
  • Connexion internet


  • Mac OS X 10.10.x (Yosemite) or later
  • Mac computer with Intel Core 2 Duo, Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, or Xeon processor (Mac M1 supported via Rosetta 2)
  • 2 Go to RAM
  • 300 MB of free space
  • Connexion internet

Norton Family Parental Control, Norton AntiSpam, and Cloud Backup are currently not supported on macOS.


  • Android 8.0 / ColorOS 7.1 or later
  • Services Google Play
  • 50 MB of free space

iPhone / iPad

  • iPhone or iPad running iOS 13 and later

Note that on iPhone, Apple limitations require, it is impossible to scan the device for viruses. The Norton application thus mainly offers a VPN service, among other security features.

Norton Offer Pricing

In our opinion, Norton necessarily has an offer in its catalog that is totally adapted to your needs.

  • Norton AntiVirus Plus : 14,99 € par an
  • Norton 360 Standard : 29,99 € par an
  • Norton 360 Deluxe : 39,99 € par an
  • Norton 360 Premium : 49,99 € par an

To find out more, the range is here:

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Norton AntiVirus Plus

Norton AntiVirus Plus is the publisher’s most basic package. At this price, you will only be able to protect one device (a PC or a Mac) against spyware, viruses and ransomware. The offer includes an advanced firewall for PC and Mac, 2 GB of cloud storage (only Windows compatible), and Password Manager.

And as with all offers, Norton reiterates its “100% Anti-Virus Promise”. Concretely this means, according to Norton that  “if a Norton expert is unable to remove the virus from your device, you are entitled to a refund based on the actual amount paid for the current period of your eligible subscription” . It is the only publisher in the world that can boast of such an offer.

Norton 360 Standard

In our opinion, Norton 360 Standard is much more complete and it will be the preferred choice in the range. In addition to the benefits already included in the Norton AntiVirus Plus offer, Norton 360 Standard adds 10 GB of cloud storage (PC compatible only), access to the Secure VPN service, as well as anti-hacking webcam protection SafeCam. Again here, only one of your devices can take advantage of these benefits.

Norton 360 Deluxe

In our opinion, Norton 360 Deluxe is, without doubt, the proposal that delivers the best value for money – and above all it allows you to protect up to 5 devices in parallel. That’s what makes it so popular: you can protect your computer, tablet, and smartphone at the same time. Thus, viruses cannot enter your network.

The plan takes all the benefits of Norton 360 Standard, with 40 GB of additional cloud storage, the parental control system with school mode that helps prevent your children from dissipating when they have to do their homework. But also, the new Dark Web Monitoring function makes it possible to check that your identifiers have not leaked on the darknet following a hack.

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Norton 360 Premium

For just a few dollars more, Norton 360 Premium is the antivirus formula for those who want no limits. The feature offering is more or less the same as Norton 360 Deluxe, except for the cloud storage envelope which is increased to 75 GB. In standard use, it doesn’t really matter. With this formula 10 of your devices can simultaneously benefit from the advanced protection of Norton. An ideal subscription for families and small businesses.

Verdict: our opinion on Norton

In our opinion, Norton is an excellent antivirus software whether on Windows, Mac, Android smartphones, or iPhones. The independent AV-Test site has been awarding it the highest score every quarter since October 2018, whether in terms of protection, performance, or ease of use. The AV-Comparatives site also ranks the program among the best antivirus solutions available in 2022. It has also been recognized by the UFC Que Choisir.

Software is not just effective in protecting you against viruses. Its various paid premium suites offer a wide range of useful features. For example, there is a password manager that helps you strengthen the security of your accounts, a monitoring tool on the Dark Web to indicate the possible presence of your stolen identifiers (Deluxe and Premium plans), and also a VPN ( too limited) allowing you to choose your server and break down geographical blocks.

We also appreciate the cloud storage envelope – to put in place, finally, the backup strategy that will protect your most sensitive data from all possible calamities: failure of hard drives, disasters/accidents, hacks, ransomware… Good Of course, not all formulas are equivalent, but they all offer excellent value for money.

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In our opinion, Norton 360 Deluxe is a no-brainer. Why? Because the first two versions (AntiVirus and Norton 360 Standard) can only protect a single machine. With the Deluxe version, you can cover up to 5 machines (and even 10 for the Premium version), which ensures that you have all your electronic devices protected. If you only protect your computer and your smartphone (or tablet) is vulnerable to viruses, the interest is quite limited.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you hesitating to choose Norton as your antivirus solution? Here are the questions that our readers ask themselves most often, each time with a brief answer so that you can find the answer you are looking for in the blink of an eye.

How much does Norton cost?

The price of Norton varies depending on the feature set you need. Norton AntiVirus Plus is sold for €14.99 per year. The Norton 360 Standard plan is offered at €29.99 per year. Norton 360 Deluxe is $39.99 per year and  Norton 360 Premium is $49.99 per year. The two cheapest plans only include one license. If you have several devices, it is therefore almost obligatory to fall back on the Deluxe and Premium formulas.

Is Norton the best antivirus?

In our opinion Norton is the best antivirus on the market – this is confirmed both by consulting the tests of independent sites AV-Test and AV-Comparatives, but also by looking at what is happening behind the scenes. The dynamic is rather in favor of its editor NortonLifeLock which is in the process of merging with Avast, another highly respected reference.

How to take a Norton test without paying?

It is possible to test Norton for free for 14 days (two weeks). Note that for this Norton will ask you for your payment details – and that you will therefore have to think about canceling before the end of this period if you do not want to automatically switch to a paid formula.

Can I protect my Mac with Norton?

Norton AntiVirus offers powerful antivirus on macOS. It can therefore be used to protect Apple computers, whether it is a MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, or a Mac Mini. Moreover, the Norton solution is even compatible with the latest Macs equipped with an ARM chip thanks to the x86 emulator integrated into macOS Rosetta 2.

Is Norton the best Windows antivirus?

Norton is one of the best antivirus solutions for Windows. The independent site AV-Test has given it top marks in the detection, performance, and ease of use categories since October 2018. Norton is also found in the first entries of the independent AV-Comparatives ranking. The effectiveness of this program is beyond doubt on Windows.

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Is Norton security reliable?

In our opinion, Norton is one of the best antiviruses available in 2022. The software recognizes almost all the threats to which it is exposed. The antivirus is exclusively paying, which means that at no time does the publisher have an interest in selling your personal data to third parties. Norton gives pride of place to encryption solutions, and customer data is stored directly on the company’s servers in the United States.