No sound on Youtube: 8 effective solutions

It’s very frustrating if you will see your videos but that he there is no sound on youtube. If you are facing this problem, you are not the only one. Many uWindows 10 users complain about the same type of problem.

This problem of ” No sound on YouTube »May be due to a faulty driver or simply to a obsolete Adobe Flash player. So, let’s put aside the causes of this problem and focus on the solutions.

No sound on Youtube
No sound on Youtube

Before I got stuck, here are some of the symptoms people encountered:

  • YouTube videos load but no sound.
  • The volume is high in the video, but no sound.
  • Sound works for commercials, but not for videos
  • Computer volume is louder, but still no sound
  • Sound goes in and out of videos
  • It only works for some videos but not for others

If any of these symptoms sound familiar to you, follow me and I’ll help you resolve it.

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Initial workaround –

Before embarking on any repairs, be sure to perform the following checks on your system:

  • Close the browser on which you opened Youtube.
  • Wait a few seconds, then open to new browser window.
  • Open Youtube and check whether there is sound or not.
  • Check if your sound system works at a another place on your computer (like when you try listening to an MP3 with Groove).
  • If it works well for other applications, check out the fixes.
  • If you use external speakers, check speaker connection.

If this problem occurs for the first time, you need to restart your computer and check whether the problem is resolved or not. If there is no sound on YouTube, try the following solutions.

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Make sure your volume is not muted

Although this correction is most obvious when there is no sound on youtube, some users have the disabled from their system, resulting in the problem son your computer.

You need to make sure that your system is allowed to play sounds from any source. Otherwise, the other applications and platforms, including Youtube, will not be able to broadcast.

To solve this problem, you just need press a button on your keyboard and the task will be completed.

  • On your keyboard, look for the button ” Mute ” who mute your system volume.
  • Press this button and your computer will be mute mode off.
  • If the button does not work for some reason you can press the volume up button.

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Make sure you don’t cut it

Another obvious thing that users often overlook. If you have watched your previous video in silent mode, all your next videos will also be in silent mode.

That is, until you turn off the mute option.

  • When you are on the page of your video on the YouTube site, click on speaker icon and your video maybe broadcast again.
  • If you prefer to use a keyboard shortcut, Press on the M key on your keyboard and the sound of the video will be restored if it has been muted.

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Correction-1 Updating your sound card driver

If you don’t get No result, this is probably due to the fact that vyour computer has an outdated card driver. The driver update can solve your problem.

Follow the next steps to update your card driver:

  • Press on Windows key + R to open the Run function.
  • Now type ” devmgmt.msc »And press Enter key.
  • Utility Device Manager opens.
  • Look for ” Sound, video and game controllers ” in the list of devices.
  • Expand it by clicking on it.
  • Now do right click on the driver that you use as your current sound system and click on ” Update the driver“.
Update the sound card driver
Update the card driver
  • You will be prompted to indicate ” How would you like to search for the drivers ?
  • Choose the option ” Automatically check for updated driver software“.
  • Wait that Windows searches for the compatible driver for your cart, downloads it and installs it.
    Restart your computer.

Check if updating the audio driver solved your problem. If he no, go to the next correction.

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Correction-2 Change the volume in the volume mixer

Windows has a special feature which allows to have a different volume level for different applications. This error may be due to the fact that your browser is silenced in the volume mixer.

To check volume settings, follow these steps:

  • Done right click on the speaker icon and then click on » Open Volume Mixer “.
  • In the window of Volume mixer, you will find a tab with your Navigator on which you opened Youtube. Adjust the volume of this tab doing to glide upwards or downwards the blue cursor on this tab.
The Volume Mixer
The Volume Mixer

If the problem persists, try the next solution.

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Correction-3 Update your Adobe Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player allows your browser to very easily run videos and many web applications. Although a obsolete version of Adobe Flash Player can create the problem you are facing, updating flash drive can solve your problem.

  • Open a tab of your browser and type ” Adobe Flash Player“And press Entrance.
  • Click on ” Flash Player-Adobe“.
  • Click on ” Install now “.
  • Choose a suitable location to download the installation package.
  • Go to the package download location and do a double click above for run it. Click on ” Yes ” if the User account control invites you. Adobe Flash Player will be first downloaded then installed.
Download Adobe Flash Player
Download Adobe Flash Player
  • Restart your Navigator to complete the process.

Check if you have solved it. If the problem persists, move on to the next fix.

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Fix – 4 Check if you muted the audio on YouTube

You may have muted YouTube music player. You can turn off YouTube music player in the window of your browser by following this simple step

Go to tab where you opened Youtube. Now in the lower left part of the player, click on volume icon (if he is muted, the volume sign will be crossed out). (You can also do this by pressing up and down arrow keys).

Check the sound on Youtube
Check on Youtube

Check if you get it now.

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Correction – 5 Troubleshoot sound issues

The use of Windows integrated troubleshooter isn’t a bad option if none of the above methods worked for you. Windows built-in troubleshooter may solve your problem in a few minutes and it has already managed to do it for a large number of users who were aware of this problem.

So it’s worth a try.

  • Maintain hold down the Windows key and press R
  • Type control.exe / name Microsoft.Troubleshooting and press Enter key
  • Select hardware and sound
  • Select “Play an audio file” Where “Reading from …”. This option must be in the Sound section
  • Click on the button following
Use Troubleshoot sound issues
Use Troubleshooting

Wait that Windows checks and fixes problems with your sound. Windows will solve automatically the problem if it finds one. Wait that the operation is completed and follow any instructions additional on the screen. You should be good to go.

If all of these fixes don’t work for you, try to use another browser. It may happen that a plug-in of your current browser is the source of the error. try another browser to solve your problem.


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