No more sound on my Acer Aspire, what should I do?

You do not have the more sound on your Acer Aspire, and not sure what to do to fix it? a sound problem is indeed annoying since it prevents you from listening to music, movies but also notifications. However, there may be several causes for this. Therefore, to best help you on this article, firstly we will tell you the different problems generated with audio output on an Acer Aspire. Then we will provide you solutions, in order to remedy it on your Acer Aspire.


Understand why you no longer have sound on your Acer Aspire:

When you no longer hear sound coming out of your Acer Aspire. This can have several reasons. However, it is usually from a malfunction caused by configuration at the audio output level. Indeed, this type of malfunction is usually generated because sound comes out on a phantom output. For example if you have configured a second output such as headphones, headphones or other. Then it is possible that the sound tries to propagate on this exit by default. This is the reason why it is necessary to set up your computer speakers default audio output. We will tell you below in this tutorial, the techniques that allow you to configure the sound. As well as the solutions to turn it on on your Acer Aspire.

Otherwise if all the settings appear normal. Then it is possible that you will experience a driver update problem audio output. Indeed, the latter turns out to be a peripheral. It is necessary that the driver can be up to date in order to communicate with the system. We will show you the technique to update it later. When you experience this kind of malfunction, you should also have problems with the microphone of your Acer Aspire. In this case, we suggest you read the following tutorial if you want to know more about it: Microphone problem on Acer Aspire, what to do?

Finally, in case you are using a device Bluetooth for your sound output. For example a headset, headphones or a speaker. Then the malfunction could come from the bluetooth connection. It is therefore recommended to test the operation of your speakers. When these work. You should rather orient yourself on a bluetooth problem.

What should you do when you no longer hear sound on your Acer Aspire?

For repair the sound problem on your Acer Aspire. We recommend that you first check the audio output settings and use different techniques to turn on the sound. Then in case it still doesn’t work. So it will take update driver audio output. But you can also use the Windows troubleshooter.

The different techniques to turn on the sound on your Acer Aspire computer?

Configure audio output on an Acer Aspire:

When you want to access and check the Audio settings on W10. We suggest you read the method explained below:

  1. Access to Windows settings by pressing the cogwheel inside the Start menu,
  2. Click on the heading “System”,
  3. Then go to the tab ” His “,
  4. In the game ” Exit “, select your audio output, in this case the speakers,
  5. Then click on “Manage audio devices”,
  6. Check that the speaker output is active by clicking on it.
  7. You can click the button “Test” to check if the latter is activated,
  8. Next, deactivate all other outputs so as not to create interference,
  9. Go back to the Sound settings,
  10. At the level of the game “Associated parameters”, press the link “Sound control panel”,
  11. Check on this window that speakers are the default audio output.

Access the volume mixer on an Acer Aspire with Windows 10:

You will be able to open very quickly the volume mixer on your Acer Aspire. To do this, it will be necessary to carry out a right click on sound icon inside the W10 toolbar. And select “Open the Volume mixer”. You will be able to regulate the sound of the audio output and amplify or reduce the volume. When you notice a forbidden sign on the sound icon, click on it to restore the sound.

Shortcut keys to activate / deactivate sound on an Acer Aspire:

On your Acer Aspire, you have available a dedicated key to raise the sound from your speakers. This is represented by a loudspeaker followed by a few waves. There is also a button for reduce sound volume and a third for mute. You just need to press one of them if you want to activate its function.

Go through the Windows 10 toolbar to turn on the sound on an Acer Aspire:

At the level of the W10 toolbar, usually displayed at the bottom of your screen. You will also see sound icon. By pressing it, you will have access to the sound volume. Using the ruler as well as your mouse, you will be able to adjust sound volume audio output.

On this small window, it is also possible to check the audio output on which you want to turn the sound on of your Acer Aspire.

How to fix a sound problem on an Acer Aspire?

Update the audio output driver on an Acer Aspire with W10:

For update the audio device driver on your Acer Aspire with Windows 10. We recommend that you perform the following detailed steps:

  1. Open the Device Manager using the Windows search bar,
  2. Once you open the window, find the section “Audio inputs and outputs”,
  3. Enlarge the latter,
  4. And double click on the audio output driver,
  5. Inside the pop up des Properties, go to the tab “Pilot”,
  6. Click on the button “Update the driver”,
  7. And finally select “Automatically search for drivers”.

Remark: The driver update is now included in the Windows Update updates. This function is available at item level Update and security in the Windows settings.

Use the audio output troubleshooter on an Acer Aspire:

When you suffer worries with features of your Acer Aspire. Note that Windows 10 provides a troubleshooting utility. This is available at the level of Windows settings. To perform a scan, we suggest you perform the following detailed steps:

  1. Access to Windows 10 settings by pressing the keys Windows + i,
  2. Then select the directory “Update and security”,
  3. And click on the tab ” Problem resolution “,
  4. Click on the link “Additional troubleshooting utilities”,
  5. And select “Play an audio file”,
  6. Click on the button “Run the troubleshooting utility”,
  7. Choose the device for your audio output and click ” Following “,
  8. Go through the steps according to your expectations.

In conclusion: a sound problem on an Acer Aspire is usually caused by a bad configuration audio output on W10. So when you no longer sound on your Acer Aspire. We suggest you to check the default audio output but also the volume mixer. It is possible that this fixes your problems. When, however, they remain, in this case we recommend that you download driver update audio output. You can also launch the troubleshooting utility. Finally if you still have no sound, in this case do not hesitate to call Microsoft support.

If you want other tutorials on your Acer Aspire, we invite you to consult the other articles in the category: Acer Aspire.

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