New Apple Mac OS X / macOS Sierra

Apple took advantage of the WWDC 2016 conference to announce changes to the operating system that powers Apple computers. Cosmetic novelty, the name of the OS which is intended to be simpler, and interesting technological innovations to always improve the functionality and security of Macs, iMacs and MacBooks.

OS X is renamed macOS

For consistency with iOS and watchOS, the OS X desktop operating system is renamed macOS. If OSX was already called “MacOSX” for convenience, this official name makes it clearer within the systems developed by Apple. A new series of versions, the first of which will be called Sierra and which will equip MacBook, iMac, Mac Pro and Mac Mini.

MacOS Sierra is expected to be released in back-to-school 2016.

New features brought by MacOS

More than a simple evolution of the operating system, Apple modifies major elements of the OS:

  • New APFS file system (for Apple File System), replacing HFS+
  • A system natively encrypted (no more using File Vault)
  • Of the virtual partitions which will be as easy to use as folders
  • Siri arrives on computer, as effective as on iPhone / iPad
  • Continuity will ensure the link between iPhone / iPad and iMac / MacBook computer (including copy / paste)
  • Improved document sharing with iCloud Drive
  • Unlock a computer Mac with an Apple Watch, just approaching with the band on the wrist
  • Online payment Apple Pay : we order on iMac / Macbook and we confirm by fingerprint on iPhone or iPad

macOS compatible computers

Apple has announced broad compatibility of its machines with the new operating system:

  • MacBook: from 2009
  • iMac: from 2009
  • MacBook Pro: from 2010
  • MacBook Air: from 2010
  • Mac Mini: from 2010
  • Mac Pro: from 2010