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Call to Telephone number of the National Visa Center in the United States, The National Visa Center of the USA has different communication channels in addition to your telephone such as email and call center, in addition to others in case of not being able to communicate on the customer service line.

Below are also the links to the website and frequently asked questions of the National Visa Center where you can consult all kinds of information. There you can also find phone numbers, addresses, service centers, technical assistance and other information about the company.

The National Visa Center (NVC) is a center that is part of the United States Department of State that performs the role of filing United States immigrant visa applications (as well as Form I-129F applications for K-1 / K-3 visas) approved by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Telephone National Visa Center United States

If you want to contact the customer service phone of the National Visa Center in the United States, you can call +1 603-334-0700 From anywhere in the country, here you can receive information or make complaints and claims to the company, you can also receive information at the following address: 32 Rochester Ave, Portsmouth, NH 03801.

Contact National Visa Center

The United States National Visa Center has different means to receive information about your applications and processes, then you can contact the following email contact: [email protected]. Email is NVC’s preferred method of communication regarding specific questions about a case.

Immigrant visa inquiries phone

The customer service number of the National Visa Center in the United States to receive information on visa inquiries from immigrants is the following: (603) 334-0700, Customer Service Representatives can speak with you from Monday to Friday from 7 12:00 am to 12:00 midnight EST, excluding holidays.

Due to high call volumes, wait times can exceed 30 minutes. Many of your questions can be answered in the FAQ section of this website. You can view the current status of your case or make updates by logging into the Electronic Application Center

NVC Correspondence Update

On June 1, 2020, the National Visa Center will no longer accept or respond to inquiries by mail. The National Visa Center has modernized the way we pre-process visa applications. This has enabled NVC to streamline services to parties to the case and to US embassies and consulates.

Eliminating paper correspondence is the next step in this modernization. This change will help us streamline and provide better services for everyone involved. Thanks for your understanding.

Any unsolicited mail marked June 1, 2020 or later will not receive a response and will be destroyed. You will need to submit all your inquiries through the Public Inquiry Form at

You should only mail the National Visa Center if explicitly instructed to do so via email, phone call, or letter from the National Visa Center. In most cases, this request for documentation will be for a case that is not processed electronically.

If necessary for your case, NVC will provide you with a postal address. Never send original documents to the National Visa Center.

Frequently asked questions National Visa Center

Before contacting, your request may be found in the following frequently asked questions section:

National Visa Website

The customer service operators are available every day to attend to all your requirements and concerns. In order to obtain information about the National Visa Center in the United States, you can access:

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