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My Asus ROG does not turn on anymore, what should I do?

Your Asus ROG does not turn on anymore and you would like to know what to do in this kind of situation? It may sound very alarming. However, there are methods if you want arrange a PC that no longer launches. So to help you. We will start this article by telling you the main causes for which your PC can no longer start. Then we will detail you two methods to fix the problem with your Asus ROG. You will have the choice between reset the entire system using a bootable key. Or you can try to arrange it with the WinRe tools.

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Understand the reasons why my Asus ROG does not turn on anymore:

How does the startup of an Asus ROG work?

There are various reasons that cause a boot problem on an Asus ROG PC. Indeed, starting a pc, also called priming, works in phases. However, among them, your PC will perform a number of tests. In the event that one of them is inconclusive. This can to block the launch of the OS.

The causes of a startup problem on an Asus ROG:

A start-up concern is most often the result of updating a system driver who could not settle. Otherwise it can also be a concern of RAM memory which is full. Or it could be from a damaged system file Where of a virus.

The hypothesis of a hardware malfunction on an Asus ROG:

Anyway, if you have a software malfunction. You can still arrange it. On the other hand, it is likely that your Asus ROG does not turn on anymore because a hardware problem.

Indeed, when your Hard disk is damaged. In this case the OS cannot be started. So you are not going to be able to turn on the computer. Be aware that some elements such as DD are very fragile. If you find yourself in this situation, you will either need to go to a trusted repairer. Otherwise you will be able to equip yourself with a external hard drive. This must remain permanently connected to your PC. And it will be necessary to install W10. Then you will have to carry out procedures so that it is recognized as the primary hard drive on your Asus ROG via Windows Disk Manager.

How to fix my Asus ROG which does not turn on anymore?

When a Asus ROG does not turn on anymore. You have two options if you want to fix it. On the one hand you can reset the system and reset it. So you can be sure that your PC is completely clean. But be aware that this will delete all of your documents and applications. Otherwise you also have the option of trying to arrange it via WinRe. In order to give you the choice, we have explored each of the solutions below.

Reset my Asus ROG which no longer launches using a bootable USB key:

If you want to reset your Asus ROG using a bootable USB stick. You will need to create it first. This will contain the ISO file of the Windows 10 installation media. This is downloaded from the official Microsoft website right here. All you need to do is download the media creation tool. Then when you run it, you can check the options “Create an installation medium (USB key, DVD or ISO file) for another PC” and “USB flash memory disk”. These will allow you to create the bootable USB drive.

Once the latter is ready. Simply start your Asus ROG using the key connected to the USB port. This should allow direct access to the W10 installer. Otherwise, depending on the year of manufacture of your Asus ROG, you will have to go to the BIOS. In the latter you can choose on which drive your machine should to start up.

For more information on this subject. We advise you to also read the following tutorial: HOW TO RESET AN Asus ROG

Use the repair tools on WinRe to be able to turn on my Asus ROG:

If you want to try to fix the malfunctions of your Asus ROG. Don’t hesitate to use the WinRe recovery environment. This is accessible even if your PC does not start. Except when the problem is hardware.

How to access WinRe using my Asus ROG which won’t turn on:

To access it you must perform the method explained below:

  1. First press the power button your Asus ROG,
  2. When the OS loads, turn off the computer by keeping your finger pressed on the Power key,
  3. Reiterate these two things until: when you start your pc, you have the WinRe blue screen “Choose an option”.

Go to repair tools in WinRe to fix my Asus ROG issue:

When you are on the screen “Choose an option”. You will need to select the option ” Repair “. This will take you to the screen ” Problem resolution “. On this one you have the possibility to choose to reset your Asus ROG. However, we suggest that you first choose ” Advanced options “.

So in the screen ” Advanced options “, you can select one of the alternatives below to try to fix your problem.

The system boot bootstrap tool:

This tool will allow to scan your system. That way, he’ll be able to spot a problem and maybe even fix it. This is why it is useful to start repairs with it. You just have to click on the button. Then you will have to enter the identifier of your Microsoft account (email or phone) and its code.

Uninstall updates :

This solution will be particularly interesting for your problem, when it occurred after a Windows Update update. It will uninstall the latter so that you can access your Desktop again.

Settings :

This option is recommended when you have a black screen when you switch on your Asus ROG. Indeed, this one is most often created by a display problem. But in the Settings, you have the option to start your pc in safe mode. This particularly lowers cases of display errors. Therefore you will be able to access the Desktop with the minimum of functionality. And so you can try to fix it. In particular with an update of the driver of the Graphic card Or other.

System Restauration :

Restoring a system is very useful because it allows you to keep recorded documents on your Asus ROG. However, it will remove the applications and software that were installed after the creating the system restore point. This will help fix a problem with installing a program. However, it is essential to have activated the backup option on your Asus ROG.

Command Prompt :

If you are familiar with system repair commands like sfc / scannow . Accessing the command prompt might be interesting.

System Image Recovery :

The system image also called disk image is a file which contains all the data and programs of a pc. It is in a way a virtual copy of your Asus ROG at a time. So it is very profitable if you want to put back your pc in the state of the backup. However, to select this alternative it is essential to have generated an image before your PC encounters malfunctions.

To conclude : In the event that your Asus ROG no longer turns on. And if you don’t know what to do, don’t worry. Indeed, if you have a software problem. You can apply some procedures to try to arrange your computer. In particular by using the repair tools W10 such as the system startup tool. In the event that these do not work then you can try to reset Windows. Or reinstall it using a bootable key. If despite these answers, it does not fix your problem. You can also contact Microsoft support.

If you are looking for other tutorials on your Asus ROG, we invite you to consult the tutorials in the category: Asus ROG.

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