My Acer Aspire is overheating, what should I do?

Your Acer Aspire overheating, and you can hear the system make a very loud noise, but you have no idea what to do in this kind of situation? Indeed, depending on the use you have of your PC. the processor can be more or less overloaded. This is what happens, for example, when you launch software very heavy photo retouching or even a video game. They require speed of execution in the instruction but also on the display. So if your system does not have the technical specificities to handle all these tasks, this can generate overheating. Even if the technical characteristics of your computer cannot be changed. There are methods to increase its performance. In order to explain to you as well as possible, we will first tell you how to check the processor temperature this will prevent you from overheating. Then, in a second step, we will detail the method for to clean your PC and increase the capabilities of your CPU.


Check the CPU temperature to avoid overheating on my Acer Aspire:

Signs of overheating on an Acer Aspire:

If your Acer Aspire is experiencing overheating. You will notice 2 very revealing things. To begin with your PC is going to be unusually hot. And also you will hear a thud at the system level. These 2 symptoms can be followed by slowness. And even of a BSOD blue screen of death. That is to say a system shutdown.

If your computer does not light up as a result of overheating. It sometimes happens that it is in security mode. It will be necessary to wait for the temperature of the processor to drop again.

Find out more about how to fix an Acer Aspire that won’t restart. We suggest you consult the following tutorial: My Acer Aspire does not turn on anymore, what should I do?

Checking the processor temperature on an Acer Aspire:

To prevent system shutdowns with an Acer Aspire. We advise you to check the processor temperature. Especially when you launch heavy software or when you start a game of video games.

For this you will need to use a free tool such as HWmonitore Where Core temp. They are very easy to use. You just need them Download and the tool will inform you about the temperature in real time. With Core temp it will even be integrated into the toolbar. Note that a processor should generally not exceed 100 ° C.

The first tips to realize during an overheating on an Acer Aspire:

The overheating of a system on an Acer Aspire, should not be underestimated. Indeed, your computer is made up of fragile elements that are sensitive to high heat. However, when it works, the latter creates a source of heat. This will then be cooled using a fan.

Therefore the first solution to achieve when you are the victim of overheating on your Acer Aspire, will be to put your PC on a ventilated and rigid support. Thus, we recommend that you do not put it on your computer cover, a cousin or another element in tissue.

Then you have to dust it off so that the fan has the opportunity to turn correctly. You should know that you can also find ventilated supports to reduce the temperature. They are bought in multimedia stores. Especially at Darty, or so the Fnac.

Cleaning an Acer Aspire to prevent it from overheating:

It is important to know that if the RAM of your Acer Aspire is crowded this will impact the capabilities of the computer. So we suggest you to to clean in order to free up space and make it possible for instructions to be carried out more efficiently.

To clean an Acer Aspire, there are a number of procedures to perform. To explain them to you as well as possible, we list them below:

  1. Do a disk cleanup:
    • Type ” Disc cleaning ” in the Windows search bar.
    • Tick “Downloaded program files” but also “Temporary Internet Files”.
    • Then click on OK.
  2. Save important folders to a OneDrive cloud:
    • Please note that by using your Microsoft account you have a limited non-paying location.
    • Otherwise you can also opt for an external hard drive.
  3. Remove unnecessary apps:
    • In the Settings Applications. You will find all the apps installed. We suggest that you tap the ones you no longer use. Then click on the button uninstall in order to to withdraw and save space.
  4. Deactivate background applications:
    • On the Privacy Settings. You will find a section “Background application”. On it you will have the possibility to deactivate applications you no longer use.
  5. Empty Windows Recycle Bin
    • It will suffice for that to make a right click on the icon Basket and select ” Empty the trash ” in the context menu.
  6. Run a full scan using Windows Defender:
    • Access to Update and security settings in order to open the application of Windows Security. Then you just have to go to the section “Virus and threat protection”. Push the button “Analysis options” in order to check “Full analysis”. And finally click on the button “Analyze now”.

When you want to completely reset the OS of your Acer Aspire in order to get it back to new condition. We therefore recommend that you consult the following tutorial: How to reset an Acer Aspire

In conclusion: A symptom of overheating on an Acer Aspire should not be ignored. Indeed, it can happen that it damages parts and your computer permanently. Therefore, at the first sign, we recommend that you put your computer on a hard and ventilated surface and even a ventilated stand. Then think about remove dust from your PC. After that, we advise you to clean your system to declutter the processor. We have suggested a number of easy ways to do this on your computer. If the concern remains despite everything. You can try to reset your Acer Aspire in order to refurbish it.

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