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Call the phone number 01800 to receive free care Movistar Colombia in case of requiring support on telephone plans, fixed telephony, Internet, portfolio, technical support, fixed telephone bill, businesses, cell phones, cell phone plans, HD satellite television, or other services. The Movistar virtual branch and support or technical service; Movistar Colombia also have telephone lines in case you have a problem with the broadband signal, recharges, or your home plan. Make complaints, claims, requests.

The company has other channels in case of not being able to communicate on the customer service line. Below are also the links of social networks and website in Colombia. There you can also find other contacts, address, service centers to unlock and configure cell phones, to unsubscribe and other information about Movistar services.

Movistar (telefonica) is a Spanish multinational company providing communication, telephony, television and Internet services, it has representation in Latin America and Europe, being one of the main telephone companies in the world.

Movistar Colombia phone number 01800

Movistar Colombia landline to receive support for any inconvenience or question about telephone and internet services. Call free on 01 8000 930930. Next, find the Movistar Colombia service lines in different cities of the country.

Bogot√°: (1) 7050000

Bucaramanga: 01-800-0911008

Barranquilla: 01-800-0112112

Cali: 01-800-0911009

Cartagena: 01-800-0911008

Santa Marta: 01-800-0911008

North of Santander

Pasture: 01-800-0911008

Download digital invoice

When you want to download your bill digitally, go to this link. There, you can view your bill, pay it online, or download the physical version.

To block stolen phone

Block the line and the equipment by calling 104 for free from a Movistar or 7900123 (charged call) from any operator or landline.

Movistar cell phone registration

Have your device’s IMEI handy, you get it by dialing *#06# on your cell phone. Fill in the fields with the requested data. Movistar will check the Registration and you will receive a text message in the next few days with the answer to your request.

Movistar Colombia phone from landline or Movistar cell phone

To obtain assistance from advisors from the comfort of your home or the flexibility of your mobile phone, contact this customer service line (+1) 588 5204, 01 8000 360 000

Some numerals for different services

Movistar offers its users immediate attention in certain aspects. Here we will expose them to you. For customer service dial #611. You can check your balance by dialing #610. Also, for information about Roaming, service activation and deactivation, dial #500.

Social networks and online support Movistar Colombia

Customer service operators are available every day to attend to all your requirements and concerns. To obtain information about Movistar, you can access:

Facebook Movistar Colombia

Youtube Movistar Colombia

Instagram Movistar Colombia