MicroStrategy Buys 480 More Bitcoins, Total Value Holding Over $140 Billion

MicroStrategy Company Who is the largest holder of crypto coins like BTC in the world. Recently announced that it has just bought an additional 480 coins of BTC, or hit more than 352 million baht in Thai baht amid the unfavorable situation of the crypto market during this period.

Michael Saylor, owner of the company MicroStrategy announced via private Twitter that the company just bought more Bitcoin. $480 At a price of $20,817 each, which is more than a sum of money. 10 million dollars or about 352 million baht and also said that now the way MicroStrategy currently holds $129,699, or $3,980 million or so. 1.4 billion baht when counting from $30,664 per coin

He also tweeted, “stay humble. stack sats.” Or say to be humble and not think too much about the current market situation. And keep collecting Bitcoins or “Satoshi” coins if you want to succeed.

The crypto market is currently in a downtrend. Until the middle of the month there was news that more than 200,000 crypto traders had their portfolios cleared in a single day. Due to the price of Bitcoin falling heavily The value of Bitcoin is now 19,800 dollars From the highest ever up to $69,000 in October last year.

Source: Michael Saylor (Twitter)