Microsoft Posts Easy Surface Laptop SE Dissection Video Tutorial for DIY Cables

Notebooks from Microsoft camp like Surface Pro or Surface Laptop They are known for repairing and replacing parts that are relatively poor, users who have some skilled technicians still do not want to risk prying the device out. (There is a problem, it enters the center) … but for a new series of notebooks like Surface Laptop SE It seems to be the first notebook of the camp that can disassemble the machine for replacing parts easily and do it yourself at home because Microsoft has posted a video clip teaching how to disassemble this notebook into pieces for you to see. Guidelines for the DIY line itself.

The video clip of this dismantling and replacement part was personally made by Microsoft and posted on the Microsoft Surface YouTube channel. Plus, the clip is only about 8 minutes long, from unscrewing the first bolt to removing all internal parts.

As for the tools used, there isn’t much. All you need is a T6 Torx head screwdriver to remove the nut on the bottom cover. Then use your bare hands to pry the device out easily.

Once the machine can be pulled out Removing all the hardware on the device isn’t difficult, as Surface Laptop SE is designed to be modular so that old parts can be easily removed and new parts can be put back together with no need to pry off glue. Or use a hot air blower to help at all.

The screen, keyboard + trackpad, battery, speakers, board and ports can be easily removed and put back together.

However, Microsoft recommends that anyone who has no experience or knowledge of the ability to unpack the notebook to repair it themselves, do not risk it…take it to the service center and have a skilled technician help you see it.

Source: Microsoft Surface (YouTube)