Microsoft is going to build hypes around Windows 11 updates

Microsoft is going to build hypes around Windows 11 updates
Image via Microsoft

Updates are often not really exciting with Windows. Microsoft will plan their updates for Windows 11 differently, so that hypes can be created around updates.

An update always comes at an inconvenient time. And with Windows 10, the system was simply just being updated too often. With all the disadvantages that entails. Like that you don’t know when the update will come and what the changes really are. Because of this, many people miss the important update (no sense, never mind that update, I’ll grab the next one, etc.), so they don’t have new functions. Microsoft is now coming up with a solution for this.


Microsoft already had these disadvantages in mind, because it apparently decided a while ago to do the update approach differently. It actually follows Android and Apple as it moves to an annual update model. Which according to many analysts is much better.

We are talking about major updates here. The minor security updates and bug fixes are bound to become more frequent. But the annual updates will be done “in the second half of the calendar year,” according to the company. With such a major update, most users are provided with two years of support. Are you an entrepreneur? Then it is three years in terms of support.

Hype surrounding Windows 11

It is of course also much more practical for the company itself. This allows them more time to test and then implement changes. An annual Windows 11 update at a fixed time also gives users a timetable and expectations. It will then fall on your roof less raw when your operating system gets a new look or new functions.

Another advantage is that Microsoft, just like its competitors, can create hype around updates. This works to the advantage of the company, but also for the users.