Microsoft Edge adds a new ‘Drop’ feature to send and share files directly to each other through the browser. No more chatting apps.

Microsoft announced the latest feature development on Microsoft Edge through Edge Canary called ‘Drop‘ This is a new feature for sharing files between Edge browsers. It can send and receive files across all devices without limitation. Plus, it’s compatible with all platforms, whether it’s PC or mobile.

To use the Drop feature, simply press the arrow button in the top-right corner of Microsoft channelAppears, users can upload files through this chat page just like any other chat app by using drag and drop method. or press plus to upload When you switch to the Edge browser on another device that’s currently logged into the same Microsoft account, open the same chat page. Then you can load the uploaded file onto the said device immediately.

From the picture that came out, it can be seen that we can send it asAny file extension Not limited to just images or document files. But it doesn’t specify how much the file size limit is. It is assumed that the file will not be deleted from the chat room if the user does not manually delete it. This is because these file storage quotas use storage space directly from our OneDrive, which means that if you are a normal account, you can’t exceed the total size limit. 5GB only

For anyone who wants to try it out first. You can go to Edge Canary to download the extension and use it. But it was only supported on PC first and had to be Edge Canary Channel version only, can’t use normal version

when activated for the first time must go to the page Settings > Appearance Then press activate on the word Drop first, which will bring up an arrow button. It can be used normally.

Overall, it’s called a chat feature to save files like Telegram’s Saved messages feature or Line’s Keep Memo feature. It’s not a direct file feature, doesn’t use the internet like AirDrop or Nearby Share, and unfortunately doesn’t have the cloud space to use. It’s free like any other app too. However, to be sure, we will have to wait for Microsoft to announce more details after this.

Source: Neowin