Microsoft 365 Free – Office Teams OneDrive free 6 months

Microsoft office 365 is the collaborative solution offered by Microsoft.

Thanks to Teams One Drive and Exchange On Line, you benefit from a synergy between the tools to offer videoconferencing, document sharing between your company, your customers and your partners.

However, commonly called Office 365, we will show you that it is possible to benefit from free licenses for 6 months!

The licenses obtained are of type E3 or E5 and will allow you to download Office 365 as a trial version.

About Free Microsoft Office 365

Be aware that the trick works even if you already have an environment (Tenant).

In the other case you can create your environment directly with your 25 E3 licenses.

To create your Microsoft Office 365 environment I invite you to read my first tutorial on this subject.

Microsoft offers this solution to invite you to subscribe to a subscription at the end of the 6 months.

However, you do not have to subscribe to it. You are also free to switch to a less expensive subscription (Basic license for example).

Microsoft 365 price list
Names have evolved following the transformation of Office 365 into Microsoft 365

Step 1 – Subscribe to the Business E3 or E5 subscription

Go to the E3 license page and choose “Free try”

E3 license page

You are then asked to create a new account or to add it to your environment.

Microsoft 365 account setup

If you already have an environment then you will be offered to add them to your Tenant

If you do not have an account, you must enter your information (a method of payment will not be requested).

Step 2 – Assign licenses to users

In your administration panel assign the licenses to the different users.

You then benefit from the rest Office + Teams + OneDrive + Exchange but also other services.

Microsoft 365 licensing

At this stage your license is valid for 1 month.

Step 3 – Extend the license for 3 months

Just before the end of the month, Microsoft should offer you to renew the trial period for an additional 3 months.

However, you have one condition, which is to enter a payment method.

It’s up to you, but you can fill in a virtual bank card with a very low amount to avoid a levy.

add a payment method in Microsoft 365

Microsoft Office 365 Free for an additional 3 months.

Step 4 – Perform the operations with an E5 license

Before the end of the 3 months you can redo the previous steps but with the E5 license.

For that you have to request your free trial from the page ofE5 license purchase

You will be offered another 25 licenses then at the end of the first month you should be able to benefit from 3 additional months.

E5 license purchase page

Some additional information

The trick was proposed by the Microsoft support directly. It’s exactly legal.

As you can see in this tutorial we do not offer no Office 365 cracks or applications to download.

To fully use Microsoft 365 you must perform some DNS configuration so that your domain is recognized (example domain

This configuration is essential for Exchange and Teams.

Finally this tip which is valid today can be stopped, but I do not believe it too much because it makes it possible to attract the customer in the ecosystem of Microsoft and its Cloud.

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