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Microphone problem on Asus ROG, what to do?

the microphone of your Asus ROG is problematic and you don’t know what to do In that case? It is true that it is sometimes difficult to understand the origin of the dysfunction in order to apply the repairs appropriate. And, if you have to present a meeting, video calling your friends, it quickly turns out to be annoying. This is why to help you as well as possible on this article, first we will explain the reasons for this type of problem with an Asus ROG. Then when you will see more clearly, we will indicate to you procedures to help you solve the problem microphone.


Understanding a mic problem on an Asus ROG:

In the same way as explained previously. There are a number of reasons why a microphone does not work. So we have listed the malfunctions regularly encountered on an Asus ROG as a result.

A microphone issue related to Windows 10 Sound Settings on your Asus ROG:

A problem with the microphone is often linked to a sound problem on your Asus ROG. Indeed, audio output and input turn out to be very strongly linked on a PC. Windows 10 even integrates their configurations on the same window. Therefore, when the microphone does not work more, also try to check the sound on your computer.

When both devices malfunction. It’s possible that sound input and output are performed on a second element. It can be a bluetooth headset or something else. So you will have to examine the Sound Settings of your PC to resolve this type of malfunction.

The microphone of your Asus ROG is not activated in the Privacy Settings:

It may also be a problem due to the configuration of Privacy Settings on your PC. Indeed, in order to protect your private life. It is necessary that the microphone of your Asus ROG can be disabled. And also that you are able to choose applications which you allow access to the microphone or not. So, it will be useful to check how these functions are set on your computer.

The microphone driver must be updated on your Asus ROG PC:

A final hypothesis, when you experience a microphone problem on your Asus ROG would be that the microphone driver needs to be updated. Indeed, the microphone turns out to be a peripheral on your computer. Therefore, to allow exchanges with the system. You must have a program which allows information exchange between the two components. But this will be the role of driver. However, if this is not correctly updated via Windows Update. It happens that this generates errors and restricts the use of your microphone. However, it is possible to update it really easily on your computer.

What is useful to do to resolve a microphone problem on your Asus ROG:

When you are planning a presentation for work. Or if you want to make a video with your friends. If your microphone does not work, it could be really embarrassing. So, what we advise you is first to control Privacy Settings. This way you will be able to know if the latter is activated for the app in question. Then we recommend that you control Sound Settings on Windows 10. And finally you can do the driver update.

Activate the microphone in Windows 10 Settings on an Asus ROG:

For turn on the microphone in Windows 10 Settings on your Asus ROG. We recommend that you perform the procedure explained below:

  1. Open Windows Settings, using the Windows + i keyboard shortcut,
  2. Then go to the section “Confidentiality”,
  3. Select the sub-section “Microphone”,
  4. Then on the part “Authorize access to the microphone on this device”, Click on the button ” To modify “,
  5. And activate accessibility to the microphone that corresponds to this device.
  6. Then, if is not done, activate the function that allows applications to use your microphone,
  7. And finally you can choose applications for which you accept the activation of the microphone on your Asus ROG.

Check the Sound Settings on your Asus ROG:

To check that the microphone is working on your Asus ROG. We advise you to carry out the steps described below:

  1. Access Windows Settings, by clicking the cogwheel inside of start menu,
  2. After select “System”,
  3. Then go to the section ” His “,
  4. And within the paragraph ” Entrance “, you will be able “Test your microphone”,
  5. You can also access “Device properties”, to check if it is activated and his volume,
  6. It will also be possible to use the troubleshooting utility, by pressing the button “Troubleshoot”,
  7. If you are using a second device on your Asus ROG. We recommend that you go to the game “Manage audio devices” so that you turn off the microphone you don’t want to use.

Update the microphone driver on your Asus ROG:

For update the microphone driver on your Asus ROG. We recommend that you perform the procedure described below:

  1. Go to Device Manager by clicking on the keyboard shortcut Windows + X, or using the Windows search box,
  2. When you are in the tool, look for the tab “Audio inputs and outputs”,
  3. And double click on the microphone device,
  4. Go to the tab “Pilot”,
  5. Push the button “Update the driver”,
  6. And finally choose “Automatically search for drivers”.

In conclusion : A microphone problem on an Asus ROG computer will often be linked to microphone deactivation in the Windows 10 Privacy Settings. So, as a first step, we advise you to activate it as explained previously. Then it will also be necessary to control the Sound settings. Finally, in the event that this was not enough, you can also update microphone driver through Device Manager. If again your problem persists, do not hesitate to contact the Microsoft support.

If you are looking for other solutions on your Asus ROG, we invite you to explore the other pages of the category: Asus ROG.

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