Micron Launches World’s First High Capacity 1.5TB microSD Card Focusing on Industrial CCTV Market

Earlier in 2019, both SanDisk and Micron launched their first 1TB microSD card. in order to compete first (But in the end, no one won because they only pushed it out on the same day). At that time, 1TB was already too much to be stunned with a fingernail-sized SD card like this. with the release of capacity models 1.5TB The world’s first By announcing that it will focus on selling to the CCTV market in the industrial sector especially

Micron named this model microSD as the i400 uses 3D NAND memory that can be stacked up to 176 layers This makes it possible to have a high capacity of 1.5TB, according to the specification, it can record video on a surveillance camera for a maximum time. 4 months or 120 days It is therefore very suitable for remote industrial applications such as on ships or offshore oil rigs. which has limitations on internet connection and bandwidth This makes it possible to store images for a long time without having to wait for frequent uploading clips to the cloud.

In addition, Micron provides other features such as

  • Record high-definition video in 24×7 format for up to 5 years.
  • It can record 4K video and use AI control software on the image simultaneously with up to 8 records per second, such as license plate number detection or human face recognition.
  • maximum service life 2 million hoursOn average until it breaks

Micron has now begun shipping samples of this microSD card to customers for testing. One of them is Verkada, a large-scale cloud video surveillance company with 12,000 customers worldwide.

the price part release date And detailed read and write speed specifications of this microSD model, the company has not specified information yet. You will have to wait to follow for more updates after this.

Source: Micron