Mexican Consulate in Chicago Illinois

Telephone number of the Mexican Consulate in Chicago: Address, offices, online appointments

Call the phone number of Mexican Consulate in Chicago Illinois USA, for information about the country, tours, passport, natural paradises, divorces, online appointments, prices. I also find the location for dual nationality procedures, permits for cars and / or cars, obtain passports, among other services. In this way, you will be able to know the schedules, methods to carry out complaints / claims, questions, requests and others.

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Mexican consulate In Chicago: Telephone number in Spanish

If you want to contact the Mexican consulate In Chicago, USA you can call the national toll-free line (202) 728-1600, to contact customer service in English and Spanish. Below you will find the telephone numbers, addresses and hours to obtain information on passport procedures, vehicle passes, online appointments, divorce processes, dual nationality, among others.

Mexican Consulate Telephone In Chicago: mobile 2020

To contact the mobile phone line of the Mexican consulate In Chicago, TX can do this by calling: +1 312-738-2383

Rates and prices of procedures In Chicago, TX

  • Consular registration fee: go from $ 27 to $ 30.
  • Passport valid for one year and consular protection cases: $ 34.
  • For a passport valid for three years: $ 78.
  • By passport valid for six years: it goes from $ 101 to $ 107.
  • If the passport is valid for 10 years: it goes from $ 101 to $ 150.
  • Declaration of nationality: go from $ 15 to $ 17 dollars

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Address of the Mexican Consulate General In Chicago

The Mexican Consulate in Chicago is open and has a general user service office:

Consulate General of Mexico service office in Chicago:

  • Direction: 204 S Ashland Ave, Chicago, IL 60607,
  • Telephone / Phone number: +1 312-738-2383
  • Hours of operation / Hours:
    Sunday 8: 00–14: 00
    Monday 8: 00–16: 00
    Tuesday 8: 00–16: 00
    Wednesday 8: 00–16: 00
    Thursday 8: 00–16: 00
    Friday 8: 00–17: 00

Number for appointments and online appointments for power of attorney

It is essential to make an appointment through the phone number for appointments +1 877 639 4835 or carry out the online appointment request process through the portal:

Each person who wishes to process a power of attorney must have a folio number that verifies their appointment, even if several people are going to process the same power of attorney. Those who do not have this number will not be served.


The identifications must be current, with full names and surnames and the copies must be on both sides.

one. Fill the application (download it here).

two. A Identification (original and two legible copies) for the procedures of:

  • Passport
  • Consular registration
  • Voter ID with photo
  • Driver’s license or Texas state ID.
  • Vehicle license or car permit

3.- Marriage certificate (original and two legible copies).

In the event that the certificate is issued by a country other than Mexico, it must come with its corresponding apostille or legalization, as well as a Spanish translation.

  • Double nationality
  • Divorces

4.- Indicate exactly the name of the power of attorney you need. (Consult with your lawyer or with the institution where the power of attorney will be used).

  • 1. Lawsuits and Collections.
  • 2. Lawsuits and Collections Limited.
  • 3. Acts of Administration.
  • 4. For Limited Administration Acts.
  • 5. General Power of Attorney for Acts of Dominion.
  • 6. By Acts of Limited Domain.
  • 7. Special Powers.

5.- Make the payment of $ 127.00 dollars (in cash) at the Consulate box once your application has been accepted.

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The customer service operators are also available every day to attend to all your requirements and concerns. In order to obtain information about the company, you can access:

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