MediaMarkt VAT-free days 2022: the best Android promotions in a row

Looking for the best deal for that one smartphone, headphone, tablet or just looking for a cool gadget? It’s time for MediaMarkt’s VAT-free days again. Until Sunday 30 January, you will therefore score the best deals!

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It’s time again for a crazy period of big discounts! We are, of course, talking about MediaMarkt’s VAT-free days. Until January 30 you do not pay tax on a lot of equipment, so you can save a lot.

All kinds of smartphones from Samsung, Oppo or Xiaomi are on offer. You can also score great deals on smartwatches, tablets or earbuds. Looking for smart lights or other smart home appliances? Even then, you are at the right address at MediaMarkt in the coming days.

No 21 percent discount, but 17.36 percent

So you do not pay VAT temporarily, but that does not mean that you get a 21 percent discount. The discount rate is 17.36 percent and we use that as an example.

Suppose: a chosen product costs 242.00 euros, then that price consists of 200 euros for the product and another 42.00 euros in VAT (21 percent). During the VAT-free days, MediaMarkt pays you 42.00 euros. That is a reduction of 17.36 percent on the total amount of the mentioned 242 euros.

Samsung smartphones on offer:

Smartphones during VAT-free days

Smartwatches on offer

VAT-free days MediaMarkt

Wireless headphones and headsets

Tablets during VAT-free days

Smart home and accessories

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We check the offers regularly, but it can of course be the case that sometimes there is a price in between that is not (anymore) right. Did you see an error? Let us know and we will adjust it immediately!

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